What have we got to trade?

Just wondering, every new post on here talks about changes...anybody want to play GM today?

I say trades usually burn the Cats badly. But why not try... or raid some other team practice rosters.

What would Porter get? I say offer him to Winnipeg for Ian Logan and 2 and 3rd picks. Then play LaFavour more.

Porter for Logan?

Are you kidding?

Winnipeg would never go for that.

If they would, I'd do that in a heartbeat.

I think we should not maike any major trades as you should always trade when you are in position of power when the player is perfroming at a high level .

Have to agree. The only true player that every other team out there would covet would be Chris Williams. And the GM that would trade him away would have to fear for his life. A slight possibility would be Giguere to the Als...but based on his performance to date...the Als wouldn't offer much...and rightly so.

Would this free up soms salary (if Giguere went to Montreal)?

How about Burris to Calgary for Kevin Glenn? Sorry Kevin I guess you weren't the problem after all.

Why do we need to trade. Just make some cuts and bring in some new blood. This team does not have the interest or desire to win. Just look how they play the game. Flat footed and out of position.

Huffnagel would never make that trade :lol:

He's too busy making the playoffs with Glenn :lol:

I've been saying that all along, but everyone else wanted to blame him for the 9-9 records. Same with Bellefeuille. Wonder how many people would still be all gung-ho about those two moves if they knew in November and January what he know now.

Can’t imagine any team would trade one of their best Canadians PLUS draft picks for a back up QB who’s never been able to do anything when given the chance. NI talent is such a huge premium. The only real way to acquire quality NI players is through free agency or the draft.

One NI player who will be available as a free agent after this year - - or sooner if Toronto ends up cutting him before the season ends - - is DE Ricky Foley. I sit right behind the Argo bench and it looked like Foley and Chris Jones were about to fight on the sidelines during today’s game. My friend says he could read Jones saying “you’re gone” to Foley.

may not need to trade but just immediately replace the DC and we will b better