What have they done to Greg Marshall's Team?

I'm sorry to be so negative, but the Cats have not looked this bad since the time they were shut-out in Toronto last year.

They do not appear to have been prepared for this Winnipeg team. Isn't that the coach's responsibility? Too prepare the team for what the opposition will be bringing?

We looked a heck of a lot better in every other game this year. I do NOT see any improvement! If anything ... we are regressing, NOT progressing.

I will continue to cheer, if there is anything to cheer about.

Players, team, please I beg you, give me sometrhing to cheer about.

This team has not been consistent with a whiff of contender status since the 2000 season began. The schizophrenia of this franchise on the field from week to week is mind-boggling.

I thought 41-38 last week marked a progression, 'fraid not.

Oski Wee Wee,

Greg gets released and we still have to keep. Reed, Jerome and Joe.

give it up the wrong man was let go!!!

we need someone who can coach!!

Totally and completely .....this season is a joke.



Greg Marshall was released and the team was still in the games. Tonight Ron Lancaster did not have the team prepared to play.
Will he fired after this disgraceful display?
I think not.
The only one I feel sorry for is Bob Young. He has given the team everything that they wanted. When will the team start giving something back to Mr. Young.

Like he said.