what has

what has burris done to earn that big contract, nothingggggggggg, and copeland what a baby, he missed two over the middle passes because he knew he was gonna get thumped against winni, thats the receiver you think is gonna bring you a grey cup, and receiver who wont take the over the middle hit, thts sad boys sad,

P.S can soemone tell burris to get tht gap between his teeth with the 400k , he got from tom ‘‘ned flanders’’ higgins

go esks go

That’s classy. Let’s just attack people’s physical characteristics. How very adult of you.

thnks, he could laso work on his passing he quite a crappy qb actually

…how about while Henry Burris and the rest of the Stampeders work on their game coming up against Ottawa you spend the time working on your basic spelling RNR…swear to goodness that Ralph needs to make sure more money is being distributed to the Edmonton area for special needs students…look at how you turned out…sad, sad, sad,…

If you want, I can teach you to write properly. I do that for a living, you know.

soo i guess since both of u doot knobs didnt defend burris or copeland u both agree on my comments ,

First of all, you should have written, “So, I guess since both of you door knobs didn’t defend Burris or Copeland, you both agree with my comments.” Learn basic language skills already. Secondly, I happen to be one of the few Rider fans who still feels Burris has a promising future, and perhaps Copeland didn’t have the greatest time on a couple of passes, but he’s still a great player. Please, don’t ever again assume I agree with your often intellectually-challenged comments.

first of all my writing keyboarding sjills are bad becaus ei dont go on my computer for my soicial life , my social life includes freinds and g/fs , the closest thing u prob have had to a g/f is soem girl in idaho who says your picture is cute, and no burris does not have a promising future he has a satifactory future calgary sent money to him tht he doesnt deserve, and copeland is a good receiver but he is scared of over the middle cathces what kind of example is that to your other receivers, when your best one is a little girl. jason tucker is an over the middle and downtown receiver,

Personal attacks get you nowhere, but if it makes you feel like a big man, bring it on. I’ll have you know, I’m happily married, and have been for four years, to a wonderful mate I met in person - not through my computer, as if that even matters anyway… I have two wonderful children, a great family, and a booming social life. Plus, on the upside, I have the ability to string together a grammatically correct sentence that others can read without trying to guess the point I’m trying to get across. I have six years of post-secondary education (that means I went to school after high school. . .), majoring in English. My computer is not my social life - my friends and family are. Besides, who are you to attack those people who do have the basis of their social life literally at their fingertips - in other words, through their computer. That’s their choice, not yours, and it’s inappropriate for you to assume that just because it’s a course of action with which you do not agree that it is automatically wrong. Of course, if you had half a brain in that head, you would realize that you are not the center of the universe, as you not-so-eloquently seem to be bringing across in your commentaries. Anything else you’d care to smart-off about?

ummm yah the riders suck ,and the stamps to

Your kidding us I know! You have to be! Your not serious! and what is a doot? Trolling again! I bet this is Nealon posting here pulling our legs!

All I know is that there should be some kind of basic intelligence test to pass in order to post. Seriously. . .

I take that back it was not Nealon, maybe Scurvey Hervey!

By the way you are ver classy football fan I must say.

I have to agree with you on RNR!

I believe this is KOKO the chimp typing this with his feet. No maybe not KOKO has more brains then this guy.

…lol…thanks for the tag teaming jm, I was in a meeting…Hey RnR, I have plenty o’ time at work to be on this forum but if being married 19 years to a petite marathon-running redhead whom I’ve had three incredible kids with and BBQs and trips on the weekend with a plethora (good word, eh teach?) of exciting friends in between hiking and camping and snowboarding makes me a geek…then freaking slap me with the geek brush man…

…I agree RW05, its gotta be Huey himself…jealous again…

Yeah - Koko could communicate through sign language. This guy has it in tough.

…being a bit of a scribe myself jm, I was penning a poem about RnR…but I’m having a tough time finding a rhyme for ‘pathetic’…any ideas?..

He’s likely not athletic. . .his actions are frenetic. . .his typing is phonetic. . .hope his views are not genetic. . .charm is not magnetic. . .he cannot be prophetic. . .personality is very synthetic. . .

Any of those working for you, R&W? :smiley:

Very good jm02 very good!

Hey R&W and R&W 2005, If you ever take a collection to buy him spell check, let me know, I’ll contribute.