What Has Happened?

For years, the CFL games were close and exciting, now they are one sided and boring. What has happened? The NFL games are actually closer (even though the quality of play is bad) than the CFL is. I live in the U.S., but have always watched the CFL because of the excitement and the fact that the games were close and exciting. Now, I'm bored with the product. Am I alone here?

Have you by chance seen a lot of games with Hamilton or Toronto?

Those two seem to get a lot of international broadcast time, and they're so bad that they make the entire product look bad.

....there have been two tie games this year and many come from behind victories...sure there have been some blowouts, but not as many as you make it sound.....must be the Argo/Ticat thing like Tridus says...

I kinda feel that there's been too many one sided games compared to other years. All of the games last week were pretty one sided. Hopefully there will be more of the close games and less of the one sided ones the rest of the season.
To me, one blow-out is too many, so a few one sided games look like too many too me. The league should get more parity as the rebuilding teams start to gell (hopefully).

...12 out of 44 games have been blow-outs (a blow-out defined as a win by 3 TDs or more)....27%, does that sound excessive?...maybe...

...in the NFL, out of 32 games played 7 have been blow-outs....22%...hmmm, not that much different, and I imagine that ratio will climb as good teams get better and bad teams crumble....

Man, all four games last weekend were unwatchable. Nothing but one-sided blowouts. That is bad for an 8-team league. In a league of 32, there is always going to be a wide gap between the haves and the have-nots, but it's inexcusable in the CFL.

I say this painfully as a CFL fan.

Yeah but all the teams have experienced a one sided loss. That just goes to show how even the League actually is.

Its not like the same teams are getting blown out week after week ('cept TiCats, sorry guys)

Off the top of my head: Labour day Winnipeg vs Sask was right down to the last second. Plus the two tie games sombody else brought up.

Let us search the CFL page and see if there were close games all season long.

Week one: BC 24 - TOR 22

Week two: WPG 32 - MTL 23

Week three: EDM 19 - WPG 15

Week Four: HAM 18 - BC 22

Week Five: BC 32- CGY 27

Week Six: MTL 29 - TOR 27

Week Seven: WPG 22 BC 21

Week Eight: SSK 39 - EDM 32

Week Nine: WPG 15 - TOR 13

Week Ten: CGY 35 - EDM 24

Week Eleven: CGY 20 - EDM 17

Sure Week Twelve had blowouts, wait what was your point again? After listing all those close games I completely forgot what you were talking about. At least 1 per week and in most cases 2 or 3 close games per week. And I am talking very close games. Many games that I wouldn't necessarily call close are only 10 point differences.

If you look for something that supports your opinion you will find it. Remaining unbiased while claiming to be correct is a key element to supporting your own theories.

Definitely a lot of blow-outs this season, especially last week. But eh, my team finally won. :lol:

In some of these back to back games its a blow out for one team and then the next week the other team blows them out how do you figure that, But I think injuries really played a big part this year.