What has happened to our entertaining Grey Cups

The Toronto Star is saying this is the second Grey Cup dud in a row.
I'm not a fan of the Toronto Star and their sarcastic writers but there is some truth to the fact the CFL game has become many times a defensive battle.

So what is the problem?

I think some would say the QB's today are not as good as the Fluties, Dunnigans, Moons, Clements, Brocks, Allens etc. and there probably is a lot of truth to that. Several passes yesterday could have resulted in big gains or TD's if there had been more accuracy.

I think the defenses have caught up with the offenses. So many fast DB's and big safeties playing OLB that they cover the field so well now. IMO this is inpart to the offenses becoming also easy to defend because of the one back offense and multiple receivers. As well as the shotgun offense.

Other reasons might be rule changes that have resulted in more flags. Could be to a small degree.

Maybe part of the solution is for some offensive coach with an imagination (hard to find one now a days)to go back to what worked before.
A QB under center with two backs (one big) in the backfield who can block as well as run. A big slotback/Tight end type like(Clarmont or Elgaard or Dalla Riva or Profit)who can block but release and be a receiver also. Some athletic interior linemen who can pull and block on sweeps. And more QB's like Kerry Joseph who can run as well as pass. That's my opinion of what might help put some offensive excitement back in the game. Defensive plays are good for those who understand the game, but to the casual fan the big offensive plays is what catchs their eye.

We've been spoiled over the years with one great game after another. Law of Averages says that lacklustre ones have to pop up. It was sloppy in the first half but the defense was pretty good and it tops a blowout any day.

Here's a Gazette article that's critical of changes made to the game.

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/story.html?id=b521ff47-1d1b-4d46-977a-f290aed89fa0]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... 90aed89fa0[/url]

I think that this years Grey Cup would have been more offencive if Glen played.
I thought this years presentation of the Grey Cup was excellent.
Yes I agree with you that this game was a defencive game for both teams. There are also some years where the entire game is offencive and people ask "where was the defence"
My favourite Grey Cup of all time was when the BC lions played Winnipeg in 1988. BC had a powerful offence against Winnipegs unmovable defence. The best office vs the best defence made it an intence game.
This years Grey Cup too may not have been an explosive offencive game, but it was a extremly strategic game which I thought was great as both teams were fighting and earning each yard.
Bottom line is that it was a great game and not a blow out like the 1990 Winnipeg win against Edmonton 50-11.
Sure some Grey Cups will be better than others, but this years Grey Cup was pretty good.

I thought it was great, a defensive battle for sure but then how often have I heard from people they like the NFL better because of great defense. The defenses nowadays are becoming more sophistated than in the past, the way it goes. The game went down to the final minute, quite entertaining if you like a close game.

Maybe the CFL should go to 4 downs to make it easier. Any thoughts? :wink:

The Star is just playing devil's advocate here, all part of the "game".

Its the media....do you really expect them to praise the GC

I think the other question is…

Is there anybody out there that likes a hard nosed defensive game?

I resented how the commentators and analysts called the game saying how the Sask. offence was struggling. While when you look at the numbers, they had the more productive evening of the two teams. I think that performance was an exceptionally good one, considering the strenth of the Winnipeg front seven and secondary this year.

As for exciting, Ive seen ALOT of the historical Grey Cups that provided higher point totals, but lacked the parity this one had. It was either teams to win until about the final minute of the game! If thats not good enough for you, I don’t know what would be. More points perhaps?


An excellent article. He explained it all much better then I could what has happened to the CFL game.
At least I know I'm not alone thinking the game has been hijacked by American coaches and rule changes.

I do see doubleblues point though. Even though it was a defencive game, alot of passes and throws could have been better on both teams.
Yesterday I seen alot of passes that were out of bounds or many yards away from the receivers. I beleave that alot of these horrible passes were not due to a bad offence though, I just think that the defence was so strong that the quarterbacks on both teams were under alot of pressure.
So some of the bad passes were caused by the great defencive game.
I also seen passes from both teams that went right into the hands of the receivers and were incomplete.
A few times yesterday I said "how could he have not caught that one?"
Overall I still enjoyed the game.

Technically the game was not what one would expect from two championship calibre teams. However despite the offensive ineffectiveness there were still many brilliant offensive efforts (see Fantuz and Stegall) as well as superlative defensive play on both sides of the ball. Also the game was not over until the very last minute of play. So what is there to compain about? Every year is not going to be the 1989 Grey Cup game but that does not take away from the enjoyment of watching performances such as that seen yesterday.

The 2006 game was great producing three overtime periods to get a winner,

That is a well-written, well-thought-out article. I hadn't given much thought to the movement of the hash marks. But, on reflection, he is so right.
I can recall that in the past years, having the wide field led to a completely different, more exciting game. The wide sweeps, though required players of a different type than we have now. You needed slimmere, faster linemen who could lead for 20 or 30 yards, then throw an effective block. With our trend to larger American-style OL's, this is not possible. It used to be one of the attractive differences between US and THEM.

We had smaller and faster linemen than them. We had the black QB's, like Moon and Custis, and the smaller Qb's like Theisman and Flutie. In short, we had a better, more exciting game. What's the use of having a larger field if we don't get back to taking advantage of it?

great game ( no '05 classic tho, but still great )

officiating was superb. the game was close to the end. a few big plays, big hits with great defences, with back and forth lead changes all game.

the drama of stegalls last game / dinwiddes first / 2 teams with long droughts was very intreging.

im kinda glad the roughrider offence struggled abit, cuz they coulda blown the thing apart early had receivers not dropped afew....then the game woulda been a snooze fest.

Fairly well said, minus grammar and spelling.


I enjoyed the game, start to finish.

Had Dinnwiddie not been intercepted and Winnipeg made the comeback it would rank right up there with some of the best.

I'm not sure why people are complaining, there were great plays throughout the game.

I thought it was a great game, exciting throughout, and if it hadn't been for that last pick, it could have been Winnipeg hoisting the Grey Cup.

Dinwiddie played incredible considering that he had only played a little bit over 1 quarter all year. I was impressed with him, and believe that he will improve, and could end up being a solid CFL QB.

This post was not brought to you by the letter S

This year in it's entirety was a bit of an odd one to be honest, so many quality players on all the teams getting banged up took away from the quality of play a bit, but it also will likely help those guys that got a chance to become better football players down the line.

I was hoping for a higher scoring game myself, but it was entertaining and there were some big hits and big plays none the less.

If the Argos had been playing, would the media be complaining about it being a defensive game?

It is unfortunate, in a way, that the CFL sort of taught the NFL a lesson in that guys who aren't 6'5" can play qb at a high level. The CFL now is having a harder time getting the Flutie's and Garcia's out of college as the NFL is looking at them. And, as stated, the black qb's as well.

And with 3 downs being more difficult than 4 downs and less talent at the qb position, perhaps it's time to go to 4 downs to be honest. I don't know. 3 downs is tough.

I don't agree. 4 downs on our field could see scores nearing triple digit figures. We have plenty of high scoring games in the CFL and given a healthy Kevin Glenn I think this year's Grey Cup game would have been the same.