What has changed?

In week 4 we beat the Alouettes 39-24 at Ivor Wynne. I have read a lot of posts about how Montreal is going to roll over us next week but I have to ask what has changed personnel wise from that last win???

Only player missing on offence is Bakari Grant. Knowlton and Smith are injured. I admit losing Smith is a big hit to the secondary as he is probably the best DB on the team outside of Bucknor this season and losing Knowlton caused Creehan to put Thomas at LB which isnt going that well but still only 3 guys taken out of the lineup since the victory over the Als and people are ready to close up shop and call it a season already after two bad games.

I am not saying that the Ti-Cat's have played good as of late because they havent. But still this is the same team who ripped off three straight wins and had everyone in Tigertown drinking the kool-aid heading into the bye week. They had two bad games but these guys havent forgotten how to play football. I dont know why people dont think Burris and the boys can come out flying again and hang 40 on a suspect Als defence.

I am looking for a shootout in next week's game...but that's only if Cortez can get these get these guys back on track mentally. I think the team as a whole has to step back right now and re-assess the last two weeks and just forget about them and re-focus on the task at hand.

I am not saying we won't get embarrassed next week, but I am just saying there is just as good a possibility we will put 40 on the scoreboard and give the Als a game.

We are a true Jekyll and Hyde team. Isn't it fun!? :roll:

This situation is proof that in the grand scheme of things, nothing has changed. One week somebody from this organization is a messiah, the next its time to cut their head off. Same old stuff year after year, and I'm not saying its set in stone yet, but this season looks like more of the same.

I am never getting my hope up again for this team, it simply isn't worth it. Until we ever win the GC again, I'm not going to get my hopes up, I'm better off being cynical and realising that no matter who we put on the field, coaches, players, waterboys, owners/management, we'll find any way possible to lose. I'll support the Ticats to the day I die, but I'll approach them the same way I would approach a dead horse, I'll sit and watch, I won't put any effort in to see if it is alive.

My father put it best, "you could take the NY Giants, put them into Ticats uniforms, and they would turn themselves into a very average football team"

So this pony and trap show continues, nothing has changed......

Well, for one thing, you'll be playing on the road, not at home. That's a fairly significant difference.

Well said.

In my mind, the change is the injury to Knowleton. That coupled with a bit of weak play at the safety position and the D is struggling. With that said, the Cats should have won the game against the 'Peg so even the D wasn't the issue there. A few bad breaks and dropped interceptions were the problem. With Knowleton back, or a sub that gets comfortable with the position and things will get back on track. Oh yeah, hold onto the damn ball!!!!!!!

This one will be in Montreal as opposed to Hamilton. This is the same Montreal where the Tiger-Cats have won once in the last 10 years.

Secondly, the Als looked great against Edmonton and I may be a fool, but I always give the Als the benefit of the doubt when it comes to righting their ship. They've earned that with their decade-plus of dominance.

I want Hamilton to win, but I've seen this story play out too many times to really think they will. I don't think this is being cynical or pessimistic, I think it is being realistic. But I will say this, if they lose to the Als, the Cats will beat the Argos on Labour Day and then the following Saturday in Toronto.

A .500 9-9 season requires us to go 6-5 from this point; that will be a big ask with this team this year, in this competition. It will be an interesting few weeks comin' up here. :expressionless: