What Has Bruce Got Planned?

I just saw his interview on CH.

Now I'm beginning to think that perhaps somebody should remind him to score a touchdown and just give the ball to the ref. after.


Hopefully Bruce will be reminded to behave. He's been a pleasant surprise to me. I still feel anxiety every time he makes a big play and tonights news piece makes it worse. Just ignore the invitation by reporters to comment on any stupidity you might or hopefully don't have planned

Hey, I don't care honestly. The guy's facing the team that screwed him over and it is a massive rivalry as it is. If he has a dance planned, fine. Just make sure you score. I'll take 6 points and a 15 yard penalty to embaress the Argo's anyday. Afterall, how many times has he done it to us? time for Argo fans to get a dose of their own medicine.

Can anybody link me i missed it!!:frowning:

I think it would be ok to do,but only once a year on labour day.

Exactly what I was thinking.

It's never a good time for a stupid, selfish penalty in a TEAM game.

You are correct hendy. Bruce is on a very short list with even his own teams fans. Doing something stupid now might finish his carreer

Buddy, if your gunna get that mad everytime you see a penalty taken on us by stupidity, then don't bother watchin or going to the labour day game. The game's gunna be infested with those, mostly from brawls and stuff. 1 15 yard after a Bruce TD wouldn't make that much more of a difference. And AKT. I know he's on a short list with you since you don't even like the guy, but with me and most of the other fans, we can't get enough of the guy. He owns. 3 TD's in two games :rockin:

Do you think it will be on the news at 11. I cant find it for the life of me on the net!

I hope so and I think so, cause I wanna see it too. Bruce and Rodriguez my favourite CFL receiver duo now :slight_smile:

Last time I looked, he was now a Ticat. That and the fact that "2 wrongs don't make a right" says he should put the foolishness behind him and just play good ball.

Besides, what if that penalty ends up costing us? There is no need for the BS and I don't care for it no matter who does it. You get paid to score points not dance and act up. This is the CFL not WWF.

I'm sure O'bie and/or Marcel will have something to say to him if they havn't already. :wink:

well, if he DOSE get a 15...at least do the full oskie wee wee hahaha!

I hope he takes 45 yrds in penalties on labour day for end zone dances give em hell bruce. If hes dancing it means hes scoring we need some life in us and itll get the fans into it. its been a while since weve had anything to dance about or brag about itll be nice for a change to see it done to someone other then us. hes not on a short list with me he is hands down our best receiver since he came here. Best move we have made in years. So what he dances he has been good to the media and he isnt a criminal or anything if this is the worst he does so be it.

Hey, I'm not for it every game and I'm not for it everytime he hits the endzone. Once and only this once on labour day is all I want to see it from him. other then that i'm with you on the no dance clause.

I'm sure if he scores the place will acknowledge it :roll: :wink:

If he scores I bet you any money it'll be 10x louder than if anybody else scored that same TD.

:thup: BINGO :thup: so no need to act up and get a penalty :wink:

The only reason I'm seeing the garbage from 15 is you quoted him. Thanks for nothing :cry: I do wish people could stop the personal crap. I wish even more that the mods would do something about it rather than wait until there is a full blown flame war and end up banning the victim


I don't know how to put this picture of Bart Simpson on the response, but I was thinking Bruce could wear a T-shirt under this jersey with a picture like the one in the url above. Scroll down a bit. I think the Argo coach would like this.