What has been your lowest point as a fan this year??

Mine had to be when we were shut out at home. Feel free to include anything related to the organization. Hirings, firings, on and off field antics. Just curious to hear what straw broke the camel's back??

What has been your lowest point as a fan this year??
...Mr. Young continuing his idiosyncratic power play regarding the forbidden chant, despite repeated olive branches from the forbidden demographic, and despite the enormous slack that Ticat fans in general have cut him this year.

watching yeast get cut that was a joke

29 -0 first shutout in Hamilton since the 50's....

Last weekend’s loss to the Roughies. That was the final straw…

How about every losing game.

I think this whole season has been a low point.
I really thought we were going to be contenders this year.I really thought we were going to give Montreal a good run for the east.


How about 2 points in the last two home games, last game is the first time in my ticats history i left a game early..

Watching Yeast go over the middle and trying not to get a case of alligator arms.

Finding out the eight dollars a beer rumours were true. I think McMahon broke that story.

When I first heard we were going with an interim head coach for the remainder of the year. The five year plan restarts training camp 2007.

Well as a CFL fan (and an Argo fan), I was hoping to see a really competitive team in Hamilton given the signings they made in the off-season. So the low point is seeing how poor the team turned out to be in every way–execution, team spirit, coaching, etc. etc. I was hoping for a whole lot more.

Reading some of the posts here :smiley:

Yea it was a shame, he shouldnt have even made it out of camp.

I change my mind my low point is listening to Lancaster say we need to get better,every single week.

I think that is odvious we need to get better,lets stop saying it and just do it.
Is their a single fan out their who doesnt think we need to get better?I guarantee you if we lose this weekend in the paper on Monday Lancaster will probably say we need to play better.

Sask. scores right after we do and then scores again. I lost the season at that point. My last bit of insubstantial hope left.

like most of yours and mikey's

seeing Marshall get fired and all of the close games we lost.

Mine was when I read the headline "Cheer Up Jason" and the article that went with it. Wow... he's sad. Our team's leader is down in the dumps. Quick! Someone send him a teddybear so he'll perk up and we can get back to the business of winning. Of course that's overly simplistic - but if he's busy being sad instead of being darn well ANGRY at what's going on, the downward spiral isn't likely to change. That headline (clearly not one Jason asked for himself) made this team look pathetic. As a fan, it wasn't one of my more proud moments.

Don't be sad Jason - be ANGRY. You've been great before, you can be great again (okay... maybe not with these coaches - then go ahead - cry - we'll cry too...we all need a new teddybear).