What has been a Hilight as a fan this year???

Ok I know were playing poorly and not winning games but I honestly get depressed reading all these negitive threads. I know I know I don't have to ream them, but I am a huge fan and supporter of this team I know we'll win soon I hope! So now for some of the positives I have seen this season

  1. The little guy who has fibremyagla(sorry bout the spelling) it's an aging disorder, he was so happy to see TC and Stripes and ohh it was touching the smile on his face it didnt matter about football wining or losing!

  2. Terry Vaughn setting his new record wow neat to be there for that

3)all the free giveaways! wow I have more plaques now thanks ticats.

  1. Seeing Mark Myers kick the winning field goal that was great to hear the place go nuts

  2. Meeting and seeing Vince Neil

  3. that marching band last game was cool i liked it!

7)ohh and I am looking forward to the hall of fame game when we honor the 86 grey cup team ohh that will be cool!!

8) seeing Ranek run all over winnepeg
  1. seeing tay cody out at a public even chatting with the kids and seeing him run all over guys he's great

  2. and the final reason I am a tigercat fan and always will be I marched downtown when I was little when they were gonna fold the team and went to city hall and I have been there when they were worse and I'm not about to turn my back on them now I'm gonna cheer louder and support them even more they need it, I will be there when they win the cup and when they have a bad season.....but really in the big picture there's more to this great game then the game

Thanks to all ticat personall who really wants to win and who continue to try to provide a great game day experiance.


Numbers 2 and 4 work for me too!

Number 7 will be great as well…

Numbers 2 and 8 work for me

Seeing Fleming boot line drive punts has been a highlight as well as Raneks and our Olines big game stuffing it to Winnipeg!!

Getting Ronnie's autograph on my football when he was in town (for one of our wins!).

I now have Ron L, Danny M, Damon A and Anthony C on my football. Man..if I can get Russ' autograph and Doug Fluties....that would be one awesome football for my office desk.