What happens with Buck Pierce

There is a lot of speculation on what the future holds for Dave Dickenson but what about Buck Pierce. He is clearly the odd man out in B.C. and not Wally's guy. He can't be happy carrying the clipboard as the number 3 Qb for the second year in a row.

I haven't heard much, but if DD is done, and I hope to Christ he is, wouldn't it be a good idea for Wally to hang on to Buck?

...I wouldn't say Bucky is third string especially after watching D.D. and J.J. yesterday.....IF anyone is let go next year...it'll probably be one of those two...just my guess????

I think DD goes, dont ask me why, because I dont know. But that is my prediction.

I hope he goes. How many concussions is it going to take? I think the fact that it took him so long to get over his most recent one proves that he needs to retire. Become a coach or enter broadcasting.

I'm going to guess and say that in spite of all the bravado of saying that all three QB's were ready to go in reality Buck was still hurting. It is possible that the injury was the type that, if re-aggravated before being allowed to heal, would be career-threatening.

I think Wally's perspective is that Dave is done so he wanted to protect Buck because Buck is the future. Just a wild guess.

DD, has hinted he may will be asked to leave or take a substantial cut pay and even move down in the depth chart. But he says he has to much passion to play to give up.

The question will really be, can the Lions move Dave or do they need to cut him. With the exception of Toronto and Montreal (feeling Anthony won’t be back) where would Dave go. Most teams will be leary of giving up to much on him based on the salary and concussions.

Mind you, I could see Calgary and BC swapping quarterbacks…it maybe a good change for both starters. Burris working under Wally could really push him to the new level. And Dave could do great things with Copeland, Lewis, Rambo, and Ralph…on second thought as a RIders fan wouldn’t want to see that.

There's no one in Calgary dumb enough to trade Burris for Dickinson.

If Wally pulled that off, we'd know for sure that he's got pictures of Hellard with a sheep....

I think if anyone signs Dave, it has to be a low end incentive laden contract. Imagine shelling out $200,000 and having it sit on the bench for 80% of the games because of a concussion. And you won't be able to insure the contract because it is a pre-existing condition.

If he wants to play, he should sign for the minimum somewhere with extra $ for games dressed etc. Otherwise as a GM, I wouldn't touch him.

....tooo funny Arte... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Buck just signed a 3 year deal last off season, his injuries held him back this year not the Lion's coaching staff. JJ is still in the Lion's plans. He did not play well in the first half but should still be part of there plans based on his season of work. I think Dave needs to retire or try starting somewhere else. Just like the Damon Allen situation a few years back in BC it's not that he might not be able to play as him holding back guys that appear to deserve the chance to compete.

If I had to bet, DD will be out of BC, Buck is the starter, JJ number 2 and the Cincinnati Kid #3.

MTL and TO are probably the only realistic landing spots if DD wants to continue playing. Both have big question marks at that position....

Toronto, yeah, but I think Brady is good for Montreal. Develop him into the starter, and they have Maas as a back-up.

...don't know about Montreal....Brady looked pretty solid for them at the end of the year....as for T.O.,,,they may be ready to hang Bishop after yesterday...Delicate Dave may get a shot in hogtown..that's IF the leos dump him of course :roll: :roll:

Bring him into Hamilton to back up Printers. That's worked well in the past. :slight_smile:

Good one Big U.

Wally was asked that same question, and of course as suspected Wally avoided it saying it would be looked at in the off season.

The "Radio Experts" seem to think that Dickenson will take a paycut and remain as a Coach - 3rd string consultant.

The soap opera out here will continue for a while.

There are alot of parallels between Brady and Bishop that would make me uncomfortable hitching my wagon to him if I had anything to do with the Als. Popp already said he didn't think economics would allow Maas to return (although this may change if AC is done).

Smart money puts DD in Hogtown...they've always had a lust for aging high-priced talent.

Hamilton got Williams who if given a far shot, will give a printers a good fight for starter. No way is DD needed.

Especially after they just spent $1.5 mil on Printers.

...say what now??? I deny that.... :oops: