What Happens to the CFL when Stadiums Start Collapsing?

Its obvious nobody has the gumption anywhere in this country to build a stadium.
My question is what does the cFL do when several of their older stadiums start falling apart. Literally.
I mean the one in Hamilton must be closing in on 50 years old.
Saskatchewan and Winnipeg's must be at least that old.
Calgary and Montreal have aging stadiums.
Will these cities pitch in the 50 to 100 million needed to upgrade these stadiums to keep them from being condemned?
Or wil they simply say its not their problem, and let thier CFL teams die?
This scenario is not that far away from happening.
AT the most their can't be more then 10 to 20 years left in these stadiums, if that much.
Some may have already passed their best before date.
The stadium issue will be a huge story for the cFL before you know it.

It'll probably take one lawsuit from a fan who's knocked out by falling debris to get it done.

Wouldn't be surprised if that happened next week in Calgary or Olympic Stadium.
You gotta be taking your life into your hands sitting high up in those aging metal structures.

Just to update my guesses on the ages of some of these stadiums.
Calgary is the youngest, built in 1960. That makes it "only" 48 years old.
Winnipg was built in 1953.That makes it a measly 55 years old.
But these are kids compared to Hamilton and Regina!
Hamilton's Ivor Wynne was built in 1930, making it almost 80 years old!
But the winner is Taylor field, built in 1927. It has been expanded, but the original structure
is over 80 years old!
HOw much longer can these things stand before they disintegrate?
These must be the oldest stadiums in the world, outside of the Roman Coliseum.
Its really quite laughable, if you ask me.


no? nobody else laughing :frowning:

Winnipegs getting a new stadium ~maybe for 2010~ and current one is gonna be a brand new Starbucks megastore.

I'll beleive that when I see it.
Just like an NHL team in Kitchener.
Talk is cheap. There's too much talk and not enough action when it comes to stadiums and the cFL.

All the NHL rinks that were built around the same time, GM place and ACC were done with private funds. CFL doesn’t make money hand over fist like you can in the NHL. You make a million dollars a year with your team thats a good season so how does it make sense to spend 300 million on a stadium? Alas it doesn’t so you need goverment help to build a new stadium unless they are doing a package deal and have a mall or something attached to it so the guy can make money.

We are well past the start phase. I know what we do in BC though its either fix it or put an entire new roof on.

Well except for dozens on NCAA stadiums (Rose Bowl, Michigan Stadium, etc.) and English Premier League Stadiums (White Hart Lane, Old Trafford, etc.) which date from the 1920's to 1940's.

Sure they've been expanded and renovated (just like Taylor Field and Ivor Wynne) but parts of those stadiums are 60 or 70 or 80 years old.

So... no they aren't the oldest stadiums in the world.

The sky is falling the sky is falling!

Of all the stadiums in the league the one I'd be worried most about is the Big O, they've had big chunks of cement fall from that stadium before.

Both Winnipeg and Regina are working on getting new stadiums, with Hamilton possibly the beneficiary of a new stadium for the Pan am games?

Bleak must be your middle name.

there. you gave me an answer to my question.
though I'll beleive it when I see it.
But really. You condasending attitude is getting a bit annoying.
Why don't you post something of interest andmaybe I'll respond.
Which is why I have yet to respond to any of your threads.

Well, well, Mr. Chicken Little is back again I see. You start a ton of these bogus threads, and you wonder people are condesceding towards you? Then you come back with the "posting something of interest" routine. Maybe YOU should try to post something about football, and stop with the Chicken Little stuff.

lets get the facts correct before scaring fans away . http://football.ballparks.com/CFL/Hamilton/index.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivor_Wynne_Stadium

Bogus threads? Do you know what you;re yammering about?
And Chicken Little? Huh?
If you're referring to my calling the media types who proclaimed the cFL dead because the NFL was coming,
the I was right on about that one.
I guess my posts are just too much for some to comprehend?
Because tis the same old same olds responding liek somehow I have insulted them persoanlly?
And I think its great the Roughriders lost yesterday.
Because I'll no longer have to put up with all these inane Roughrider threads.

And Mass Destruction.
Oh wow.
Hamilton did a 2 million dollar upgrade to Ivor Wynne 37 friggin years ago?
Then again with the CFL, thats a recent update.

No no...we can understand your threads and comments perfectly...you post them all the freakin' time, so there is plenty of opportunity to figure them out...and yes, you are appropriately known around these parts as Chicken Little...

During the playoffs yet. Sambo you have t wonder he even watches the game.

I enjoy arguing with you same old same olds because its like shooting fish in a barrel.
My Chicken Little threads were about six months ago in describing the doomsayers writing that the CFL was dead once the NFL came here.
Which I was 100% bang on about.
And this is a general discussion area concerning league matters.
Its not about specific teams.
If you want to talk about your teams, go to that team's section.
CFL stadium conditions is a league matter, which will become an issue the older they get.
I know its not a Kerry Joseph or Mike Bishop thread, but not everybody wants to talk Saskatechewan
And hard to beleive one of the guys responding to me is a moderator of this site, eh?
Obviously he doesn't even know the rules.
Who made this guy king? I know I'd never vote for him.

Actually, "he" is a she, and you didn't get a vote.

If you could, for once, post something even remotely positive about the league, or discuss something other than doom-and-gloom forecasts (perhaps engaging in some actually football talk would help), then perhaps people here would give you some credibility. Until then, expect exactly what you're receiving here.