What happens to Jonathan Hefney?

I see that he is a free agent.
He was hurt at the end of last season and lets say he cant play this season.
If he was still under contract, he would be put on the 6 game and be paid by the Als.

But what happens now that he is not under contract and prob wont be signed because he cannot play?

Je suppose que son assurance-maladie va pourvoir à ses soins. Du moins, je l’espère pour lui.

Because he was injured while under contract I`m sure he is covered to a certain extant by insurance.

From Bear Woods comments, very unfortunate to hear Hefney has lost the use of his arm from the injury.

Bear Woods, middle linebacker, Toronto Argonauts: “I’m bringing the flow of the game back by eliminating illegal contact after five yards, and I am going to make sure players have health insurance after 12 months time. That’s what I would do, those two things immediately. Right now, if a player gets injured — and my teammate Jonathan Hefney has lost the use of his arm — after 12 months, he’s no longer covered … That’s what I would do first — figure out within the CBA if we can correct that.?

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Oh man that’s a real shame. I really wish the league would let the fans know that this has happened to one of its’ players, subject to permission ofcourse. I hope that someone launches a funding campaign for rehab if that is in the cards for JH.

Story from 2 months ago about the lack of medical coverage after 1 year of being released and the Players' Union trying to change that:

And with the deal (CBA) set to expire the day before the start of training camp in 2019, it could be for some time. That would be bad news for former CFL player Jonathan Hefney, who suffered a career-ending neck injury in October 2015.

“He’s still in a position where he requires additional surgeries . . . but has zero coverage, he’s on his own,? Ramsay said. “He’s trying to get the rehab and trying to get a coaching job but can’t because he still can’t lift his right arm.?

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