What happens next...

I have to say...our Cats played one hell of a game.
Now that a playoff spot is now not possible.
What happens going forward...
Will June be our H/C next year ?
Will Masoli be starting the remaining games ?
What happens to Zac ?
Will Johnny Football be signed ?
There are many questions that will need to be sorted out.
Any thoughts....

I just watched a video on TSN where they posed the question that with Masoli's recent success will Hamilton still try to acquire Manziel.

Naylor suggested "yes". That, according to him, Tiger cats will go into training camp next season with those two battling for the starter's job.

Considering how little time he had and the difficulties he faced, I thought June Jones and his coaching staff accomplished quite a bit.

I would like to see them back next season.

Can we acquire a better special team's coach?

I agree…
Considering the total mess that Jones walked into here.
I believe he should have the H/C position going into 2018.
Yes I have read the posts about how his play calling ‘cost’ us the Calgary game.
But most of that was posted right after the game by pissed off fans.
The truth of the matter is that since Jones has come in…the train wreck has
been corrected.
And he went toe to toe…with the leagues best.
As far as special teams…I would love to see Jeff R. come back to us, if that
is possible.

Enough of this Manziel talk. We should NOT hire this loser. Even if we turn around and trade him, I don't see any demand out there for Manziel. Why are the Tiger-Cats being so stupid?

What happens next ?

Well starting next week the Cats will be having a 3 game open tryout for all players to see if they are good enough to be invited to the team's 2018 training camp .

Can someone explain to me why we are out of the playoffs? I know it might be a long shot but if we win our next 3 and Toronto loses theirs then we would both be tied with 14 points

they own the season series and therefore the tiebreaker.

I would say at most 18000 were at the facility last night. Going forward its going to be a hard sell. The whole mgmt structure needs to be reassessed and many need to go. We have the makings to be bad for a loooong time.

We are no longer bad, I am not sure what you mean.

We lost the season series to the Blows 2 gms to 1 when we barfed up that 14 pt lead in the 4th quarter against them a few games back . Essentially all we have left for in the season is now a glorified 3 game exhibition schedule and open tryouts for next year's training camp . In a nutshell , winning our final 3 games of the season will now amount to about as much satisfaction as one would get from kissing ones grandmother smack on the lips . :-*

You call us good. We may be somewhat entertaining but the record over the past 2 seasons speaks for itself. A well under 500 winning % is not good.

I think they will retain June Jones and try to resign Masoli. I think they will try to get what they can for Collaros in the off season or just release him . June Jones has made some very questionable calls like those long 2knd and 2 or 3 passes as well as long passes by Masoli on the sidelines that always seems to end up out of bounds . I think they should play Collaros the rest of the way and bring in some neg list players to tryout over the next 3 games ...the don't have any real quality on their reserve list as of now . Not sure how bad Quinns injury is but I would play him alot if we can. Once we see how Collaros does then we can make the right decision on him . I still think Masoli has too low of a completion percentage to be a winning starter in this league . Jones needs to run Green more especially one 3rd and one .
I think we should bring in a new defensive co-ordinator with more CFL experience. I felt we needed to blitz more and overall our db's make to much contact and get too many pass interference penalties especially washington . We need a good shutdown corner and maybe a few new Import DE's who can rush the passer. I think we should audition NFL cuts and neg list players in the next 3 games at dline and db's. Kanneh and leonard and Unamba are the only ones that have earned a spot in my eyes .
Kanneh has done a good job at sam but he is a a natural halfback . I'd say we bring in another running bacl as well to take a look at .

It should be interesting to see what they do with the qb situation the rest of the way and next year as management seems pretty keen on bringing in Johnny Manziel .

I think the team played a good game and deserved to win but man for man I think Calgary are better .
I wish they would not have let mitchell out of the pocket on that last play. As usual we stopped the run gain fairly well and didn't allow mitchell to have a stellar game. Masoli made way to many bad passes and overthrows like 3rd and 1 to tasker and over the head of tasker and saunders alot especially in the sideline passes . Masoli was 58 % but alot of those were quick sideline passes ro chambers, banks and saunders that are fairly easy to complete. I think they should have used Fantuz more and I think we should have blitzed more with kanneh and simoni . I hope they use these 3 games to evaluate new players and play Collaros.

We sure has back luck on friday the 13th with us losing on a dumb PI call and Ottawa stormed back against Ottawa to put us out .

CatsFanForLife: What happened, did you feel the Gerbear “brand? had become tainted? Or do you just like to reinvent yourself occasionally?

I suspect they'd like to keep both if the price is right, but for now the biggest reason to keep Collaros is in case they can't reach a deal with Masoli. Don't expect anything to be decided about Collaros until Masoli's future is determined.

Well , by the sounds of it they are going to bring in manziel in training camp and i suspect they will have him compete with zac or masoli or both . I'd like to see Collaros start a game or two and make decisions from there. My gut feeling is they will just release him or trade him for next to nothing.
I think the players that are keepers as starters here are ?:


Coleman , Laurent
Lawrence, Dean , Kanneh
Leonard, Unamba,


The entire offensive line
Try Collaros now
Banks, Tasker, Chambers, Fantuz, Saunders,

Special teams


All other players would be on the bubble.

I'd like us to audition some players in the last 3 games . Maybe give Rice a few starts at Guard. Take a look at Robinson and Quinn and other new players at receiver.

Bring in some db's and De's to take a look . Austin said that the two players we got from edm for GABLE would likely come in for training camp but if he could bring them in now that would be good.

As Obie always said "Better is Better" and we have some areas that need improvement .

I hope they grab a good olineman with their first or 2nd overall pick and high 2knd rounder. It's always tough to measure if they will get an NFL chance and we would never see the guy here like Giguerre and plesius, Moe Petrus, and DE Urban did.

Should be interesting

The 2018 CFL Draft rankings link with commentary . It sounds the top rated guy is an olineman playing at Nebraska and he is huge 6-9 315 playing right Tackle and he can run too . I suspect he will get drafted or get invited to an NFL camp

TOP 20 2018 draft prospects with descriptions

223 days, or 39 weeks, or 8 months till Camp opens; no matter how you slice it... it's goin' to be a long f&%!ing winter for local fans (but for me a long hot NZ summer):-[

Time to bloodlet this beast, for it's own good.

You'd get rid of the DC who turned this defense around in less than half a season? He has enough CFL experience - worked for a time under Chris Jones in Edmonton and Sask. And you'd blow up half the personnel too? You don't think that Leonard (rookie) is a shutdown corner? I'm not sure where you think the team is going to get the roster space - to say nothing of the $$$ - to add a pile of neg list players. They've already added players on their expanded roster.

Masoli has too low a completion percentage to be a starter but you think they'll get rid of Collaros?? That IMO would be a colossal mistake. At least you do acknowledge that Collaros should get a chance to start. I'd argue that he should already have been inserted into games (like last night vs Calgary) where JM's accuracy was questionable at times. Collaros is the more accurate passer and is very capable of scrambling too so I agree he should be playing for the remainder of the season. That's the only way they'll have an accurate assessment of his grasp of Jones' offensive system.

As for Johnny Football - anyone who thinks that he's going to come in and even have a chance to compete for the starting role when he knows nothing of the CFL game and from all I've heard has poor work ethic so is unlikely to want to put in the effort to learn, is being very unrealistic. Aside from that, he only sees the CFL as a stepping stone back to the NFL so IF he could play well here he wouldn't want to hang around past his initial contract.(I'm not saying that you believe that but you seem to imply he'll be here).

This team needs a bit of retooling which has already begun under Jones - not a total makeover.

It won't happen, but I'd like to see the Cats and MTL make a side bet to keep it interesting, while also keeping teams out of it from deliberating not trying hard to win. The bet would be that they consider the 2 games, coming up, against each other to be a total point series, like the old playoffs. The winner gets to pick before the loser in the first round of the 2018 Draft. The 2 clubs would agree that they would exchange first round picking order, if necessary at the end of the season, to accommodate the result of that wager.
Right now, we don't know which team will be have the first overall pick, but we do know the first 3 teams picking, in an order yet to be determined, will be MTL, HAM and BC barring trades, of course.

bud, the CFL draft isn't worth tanking over*, i wouldn't be worried. There's the odd exception year, but usually the difference between the best Olineman and the second best Olineman....? meh

Jones's contract/ football reputation isn't assured, and there's no such thing as a guaranteed contract in football. There's a chance a few of the stars might not play the full game, but they'll all be playing hard.