What happens if we lose to Kevin Glenn Saturday Night?

Has anything happened this week that we should think differently?
Not trying to be negative but week one was a bit disturbing and this could be really disturbing.
Just throwing it out there…

I know that due to the bye week there is a lull in coverage, yet I keep going to 3down and Drew's Twitter to see if any injured player of note will be ready come game time.

Until then I have Saskatchewan for my CFL Pick'Em.

The Riders are going to be tough. They lose two games that they could have easily won or at least tied.
Glenn and his receivers looked good. If the Ticat defense is the same as it was in Toronto they are in deep trouble.
The Riders DBs were vulnerable against the Bombers, look at the yardage that Dressler had.
Can Collaros take advantage and get the ball to Tasker?

What happens if we lose to Kevin Glenn Saturday? - nothing, they just get ready for the following week.
It's not like they will be too far behind the other teams this early in the season, the Argos and Als will likely lose this weekend.

If we lose to Kevin Glenn, that will give us an opportunity to reflect on the last five years.

When he left, the consensus was Glenn wasn't the guy to take it to the next level (There were some really bad interceptions to be sure). Everyone loves to blame the quarterback, but Kevin hasn't done too badly since then with a Grey Cup appearance for the 100th and from what I saw on the weekend, he still knows how to manage himself in the pocket (Behind his old friend Peter D .). Then comes Henry Burris and we learn to love to hate old Hank - not good enough for us but boy he did O.K. with the RedBlacks.

IMHO both Hank and Glenn had the experience to deal with Austin's offense (It's been the same pass-happy / weak O-Line for most of Austin's tenure) whereas Zach, for all his strengths, doesn't have that same level of experience / knowledge.

If we lose we are 0-2. Both on the road.
No the sky is not falling...

Also depends a bit on how bad we look in losing. If we stink the joint out, then we are the only team that's not on the same level as all the others in a season where parity has been the story. And that's with our first two games coming against last year's two bottom teams.

If we improve significantly over week one then there are reasons to be hopeful. (I hope)

Where the game is played, as in your "on the road," should have absolutely no impact on the Hamilton team, when the location is Toronto. In other CFL cities, the travel, the crowd and, in some cases, the time zone may have some negative effect on the visiting team.

Yes and I would hardly call a game in Toronto at BMO - "on the road" - especially with the amount of Ticat fans that travel to Toronto for the game. For the players it's probably just as quick to get to BMO as THF.
I've always thought that the Ticats have an advantage over other teams, when they play in Toronto it's like extra home games.

If we can Get our O-Line to hold their blocks to give the patterns time to develop then we will be ok.
As it is, if they don't Collaros will be running for his life.

It highlights how poorly Austin has prepared the team during both camps and highlights obvious coaching gaps. It also identifies the play calling or schemes are unrealistic. Last but not least it draws a lot attention to the player scouting and player development within the organization. I say you can't turn a sows ear in to a silk purse in one week of practice.

If the Ti-Cats lose this game, they will have lost to a team that has lost 15 of its last 20 league games including 5 losses in a row... worst team in the league over that period.

Hamilton has had lots of time to study the Riders and prepare for this game. It will be seen as an early season test to see what the Ti-Cats are made of and if Austin can get them ready to play.

If you don't think this game is important for several reasons, you're kidding yourself.

As the Cats continue to prepare for their visit to the New Mosaic, according to the team roster here on ticats.ca, INT DB Ethan Davis, who was removed from the Suspended List and added to the Practice Roster on June 26th, has now be activated and, one of the final cuts from training camp, INT DB Khalid Wooten has returned, accepting a Practice Roster agreement.

You don't have to be humble, I believe your opinion is dead accurate.

I don't think what happened last season is relevant. They have a new QB and they have looked pretty good the last game, they should have stolen that game on the road in Montreal.
If they can get to Glenn and harass him they have a chance, if they give him time he will burn the Ticat DBs

I feel the same way, in fact fans of both teams will be tuned in for this crucial big game. Cheers Cat fan

8) If we lose this game, then indeed the sky is falling, considering that we play BC and Edmonton at home for the next 2
   games !!  We could easily be 0-4 in the first month of the season !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Or to put it another way: Since he left Hamilton less than 6 years ago, Glenn has been rejected by 6 of the other 8 teams in the league, including the one he currently plays for. Either traded, released, not re-signed, or left unprotected in an expansion draft.

Yet somehow during that nomadic period he has managed to add 16,000 passing yards and 94 TDs to his career totals. And he will soon pass 50,000 yards (hopefully not this weekend, since he's over 500 yards short). It's really a remarkable tale the way this guy keeps getting back up when he's knocked down. He's the Rocky Balboa of the CFL (minus the title wins, of course).

The title of this thread is really kinda silly and should realistically be changed to..... "What happens if we lose to Saskatchewan , Saturday night ?"

I don't quite see the point of singling out one specific player and shining a spotlight solely on that one particular player if we happen to lose a game . I always thought that football was the ultimate team sport . The last time I looked , each team has a roster of 44 players per game it's not exactly a "one man gang" show out there considering that there are another 43 players on the game day roster . So here's a question for the OP , what happens if we lose on Saturday night BUT Glenn happens to get hurt and we end up losing to the Riders anyways with a Brandon Bridge at QB and not Glenn ? Does it really matter ? A loss is a loss is a loss . Basic rule of thumb is....."You win as a team and you lose as a team and the bottom line is that these Riders have done a whole lot more of losing then winning in their recent history ( last 47 gms played a W/L record of 10 -37 and 5 - 15 under Corky Jones since he took over ) regardless of who the quarterback happened to be at any given time .

So let's get back to the "What Happens if we lose" scenario for this game minus the " losing to a specific player" angle posed by the OP .
Quite simply put if we happen to somehow lose this game to these Sad Sack Sliders regardless of who the QB is , then we could be in for a long , long season so basically the answer to the question is this......." Losing To The CFL's version of the NFL's Cleveland Browns is simply NOT an acceptable option at this time BUT if we do indeed somehow find a way to lose to them it will be most likely because it was a total team effort all around either way , full stop and not because of one specific player alone all by himself . :cowboy:

I wouldn't be shocked if Soli got the start, not sure KA is pleased with how Zach tore him a new one on national TV lol

I would be.
But, I'd be quite pleased to see him in early if the Zach doesn't get off to a much better start than he did in TO.

On another subject, not new thread worthy, I wouldn't be surprised to see NAT OL Jacob Ruby wearing something in black & gold XXXXL TALL soon. The Als have released him -- their first round, 8th overall, pick in the '15 CFL Draft.