What happens if we lose this Saturday night. Vol.#2

Can't argue with any of this. This team is in more trouble than most think.

As much as I would like to say " it's just the beginning of the season" I just can't.

There are so many issues within the team that I don't think they will be able to pull it together for this season.

All the points made are very true and very valid. They need help. A lot of help. Not sure if that is in the form of coaching staff, management staff and or players. All area's seem to need help!!!

Lets hope someone up there takes their head out of there A@* and realizing some of this before it truly is to late and they end up like Toronto last year. (meaning yes the loosing season but because it was so bad they are having so much trouble filling seats for any Argo's game now and I would hate to see something like that happen to Hamilton)

How much might these numbers relate to the club's poor start?
Do they maybe indicate Austin's getting too much heat, for so early in the season, from us?
In Game 1 @ TOR, 14 TiCats dressed for their first regular season game with the club. And, for 9 of them, it was their first CFL game.
In Game 2 @ SSK, 2 more made their TiCat debuts, both as starters. For 1 of them, it was also his first CFL game.
Now, for Game 3 vs. B.C., the chart shows 2 more TiCats playing their first CFL game and both are starting.

Good point - out of necessity some of the DBs especially are getting tossed into the fray earlier than one might have wanted but until Kanneh, Davis and hopefully Butler (at some point) return to the lineup healthy there aren't many options. No one anticipated the sudden retirements of Olsen and Girard leaving the Ticats looking for a RT at the last minute (and back up centre). Those are the areas that seem to have had the most impact on the poor start (not that there probably aren't others). It's tough when there are many new faces in the lineup - especially those who are totally new to the league - as they are adjusting to new schemes and becoming accustomed to working with new teammates. They need lots of playing time together in order to have time to gel - an early bye week sure didn't help that cause.