What happens if we lose this Saturday night. Vol.#2

Tell I thought I would continue this tradition from last week. Looking at this situation, there looks like we will have
many more volumes.

  1. Will there be more calls for Austins head?

  2. Will people stop careing?

  3. Will the Cats change QB's?( and will it help?)

  4. Will a coach get fired?

Any idea's

I don't think anyone expects them to beat B.C. so that may cut them some slack.
If the offence is anemic, than the back up should get some playing time.
I don't think firing the coach and starting over makes much sense until later in the year.
We will just have to hope the rest of the east is crap and keeps losing so we have a mathematical chance to scrape into the playoffs as long as possible and hopefully that keeps everyone interested.

If we lose we'll be 0 for 3. In that event there will definitely be calls for everyone's head, from Bob Young's on down, as was the case after each of the first two games. The complaints may be a bit louder, possibly from some additional voices. The rest is speculation.

If the Ticats lose on Saturday, the sun will come up on Sunday

This will be the game KA decides to run the ball, knowing the Cats have no chance of winning regardless.
Then he can discard the running game and use it as a lame ass excuse to carry on as usual.

Austin where too many hats so we could go 0-7 and so in they won't Can his ass till after the season

get ready for a very painful year unless they upgrade the O LINE

I way this thing usually goes is a coordinator or two gets canned, then halfway through the season, the coach gets canned, then 3/4 mark or at the end of the season, the GM gets canned.

As far as players, we have some core guys that you certainly want to keep through a rebuild, like Filer, Simoni, Tasker, Collaros, Revenberg, Laurent (if his salary isn't outrageous) and Chick. Kanneh and Butler when they get healthy are also keepers.

I for one am blaming the Cat's current woes, less on coaching and more of personnel. I think we are missing some needed parts, especially if we are going to run an offense as pass happy as we've been.

Right Tackle...

Ottawa Cat. That is a clear indication the team has no depth and that falls on Tillman and Austin and the other coaches who evaluate talent. So answer this question how do the Arblows secure their player talent, specifically the rush end who book ends the Shawn Lemon? This mess has been brewing for a couple of years

This is a dumb title for a thread. The obvious answer is: we get an "L" in the stats column.

The question also pre-supposes a loss. If we win the title becomes irrelevant. So the question you are asking is too narrow in scope.

A better title ahead of any game would be something like: "Game predictions...and why?"

Then you might get more replies.

The title is correct. We are not interested in the score or spread. This is a thread for the pessimist like myself. Who
wants to know how far this team is going to go without a win on the board and what everyone thinks is going to
happen if it continues.
Once we get a win, this ends the threads. Until then its Vol#1,Vol #2,Vol#3,Vol#4,Vol#5,Vol#6 etc,etc. until we form
a crowd carrying torches, demanding answers.

Why is this Team not trying to get a big target with sticky fingers as this team lost both 1000 yard receivers any free agent cuts , NFL cuts etc

GOTC: I'm still not clear about the purpose though. Sounds like a lynching party thread to me.

None of us can know how long it will take for a win and thoughts about what will happen are a dime a dozen.
In any event, the real value of such a thread as yours can only be seen after each game.
This could be a long season..... with an occasional win I hope. But the underlying reasons behind the abysmal situation we seem to be in right now are many and varied. I expect there will be many other threads started to deal with accommodate all that in more detail.

However...good luck with this. At least you are passionate about this team and want to see some action.

I have been a Tiger-Cat fan since 1961 and on the Tiger-Cat forums since the late 1990's. After the Grey Cup win in 1999 we have had far too many losing seasons ..... including 1-17 in 2003. The two Grey Cup losses under Austin have been about the only bright spots. Unfortunately we have never, since 1999, had any coaches/GM's with consistent winning records in the style of Hufnagel, Trestman or Buono. I do not expect Austin to ever achieve the success they have had.
I think he should be allowed to run out this season and if things don't improve, I would hope Scott Mitchell realizes that it is time for a change. I also hope he realizes that no one person on any team should ever hold the three titles Austin has been given.

BC has a pass rush very similar to Saskatchewan. They can often only rush 4, and still get to the QB. Can't see us doing much on offense unless our pass protection can counter that.

My thought was that the Cats had to show some improvement in the Sask game, and then carry that through to the BC game, otherwise, my fear was that we would go 0 for July and even 0 for August and be looking at 0-7 by Labour Day. Although I think BC is shaky and can be beaten, we did not look improved against Sask.

I'm afraid our slow starts and the typically fast BC starts will potentially put us in trouble on Saturday. We simply have to get off to a better start offensively, while putting the brakes on the BC offence, or we are "done like dinner", not just this week but probably for the next four games as well.

What is scary about this season's early slide is that there is not many excuses for the poor showings. It's not like we are being led by some 3rd string inexperienced QB. Also we are not decimated with key injuries. Sure we have a handful of injuries but what team doesn't?

There seems to be a perfect storm brewing here and all the fans have posted the reasons many times. Poor running game, O-Line, DBs, game management, player depth, etc.

The problems run too deep this season and that's probably why there is such a pessimistic tone this year.

Just continuing off your post, none of this is new. This team has been bad since Labour Day of last year, and shows no signs of improving.

Fantuz - 1000-yd receiver
Tolliver - 1000-yd receiver
Butler - Safety (Daly is hurt too)
Davis - shut down DHB
Kaneh - shut down DHB

Unexpected retirees:
Olsen - supposedly our starting Right Tackle
Girard - Backup Centre

SIX starters and two essential backups injured/retired. More than a handful, no?

Bang on and absolutely correct . Last years Labour Day game saw us cruise by the Argos 49-36 to improve our record to 5 - 5 on the season . Since then though ? the teams over-all record dating back since that LD game victory......are you all ready ? are you all sitting down ? do you have tissues handy ? perhaps a crying towel ? Because believe it or not here it is :oops:
Sad BUT True......... :cry:
The Cats over-all record their last 11 games played is an horrendous 2 wins and 9 losses including their last 5 home games in a row . :thdn:

It's hard to believe that it was only a short time ago in the 2015 season when this team was sailing along at 8 - 3 blowing the doors off every team we faced that year . We were sailing along to what was looking like a sure 3rd straight trip to the Cup and the odds on favourite to finally win it all . Then tragedy struck and our season and Grey Cup dreams went swirling down the toilet when Collaros blew his ACL out .........Sadly it's been all down hill ever since for this club and unfortunately it seems like we're not at the bottom of that hill yet as we are still sliding it seems out of control into the abyss . :x