What Happens if we lose the next two games?Vol#6

I jumped Vol's #3,#4.and #5 because I felt that we were showing improvement.
But bringing back Ellis and not using Masoli. And of course playing Calgary and Edmonton at home gives me the
feeling that I should just start from after the Edmonton game to inquire what everyone thinks will happen.

  1. Less turnout for games.
  2. New OC.
  3. Cutting a Vet.(like Banks) to shake up team.
  4. A Talk from Bob in support of Austin
  5. etc.etc

what happens if we win?

The broken record skips again... :roll:


I agree that the crowds will diminish, how much depends on how badly things go.

The hiring of a new OC is only likely if Stephan is doing the bulk of the designing and/or the play calling and the division of duties between he and Austin. But, again, he may need more time to adjust to the play book and the players, .

Cutting Banks is not the answer. His blocking has been subpar for the last couple of seasons. His ability is proven. It's not likely that he has lost the skills over two years.

I know that the crowds are already diminishing (well with my group of people that normally go) some have season tickets and are already giving them away. Some refuse to buy tickets because lets face the fact people can sit at home, save money and watch them loose, why would they pay to go to the game.

As for cutting a vet like Banks-maybe this not the correct maybe it is not but I do agree something to shake things up really can not do much more damage. As history has proven with him and anyone on a sports team "subpar" doesn't help anyone. He has lost his "spark" that he once had.

A pep talk from Mr. Young in support of Austin-well Austin once was a great coach and yes he did do some great things for the cats however maybe his time is up. 4 years and we are still the "door Mat" of the league. Last time I checked a spade is still a spade no more how much you try to change it. :x

As for loosing the next 2 games well the obvious answer here is they will be 0-6.

On a positive note - over the last 4 games there has been improvement and growth. hopefully it just doesn't take the whole season for them to get it totally together and start winning.

"4 years and we are still the "door Mat" of the league"

First two of those years we went to the Grey cup. The second time, we came within a play of taking it.

2015, made it to the east final.

That's hardly being a doormat.

Stop lettign the facts get in the way of a good narrative. Well done in calling out some fake news.

If we lose, we'll be 0 for 6. Some people here will scream bloody murder and call for everyone's head. But the sun will rise in the morning anyway, and I'll still be rooting for the Ticats.

Ham has to be very careful cutting vets, it may come back and bit them in the a$$ like it has in the past. The vet will surly go to another team and become a star.

Not sure if the sun will be coming up, Steve.

Most will be predicting that the sky is falling!!

Well, the good news will be that we can't get any worse!

We could start a new thread about the top available draft eligible player.

Speaking of teams being the "door Mat" of the league and the Cats being that said supposed " door Mat " the last four years , nothing could be farther from the truth . Since I always back up what I say with cold hard facts , let's take a look at the W/L records and just see who exactly have been the D - Mats in the league the last 4 years as opposed to how the Cats fared in those same seasons .

2013 - Winnipeg............ 3 - 15 / Hamilton - 10 - 8
2014 - Ottawa................ 2 - 16 / Hamilton - 9 - 9
2015 - Saskatchewan.....3 - 15 / Hamilton - 10 - 8
2016 - Saskatchewan.....5 - 13 / Hamilton - 7 - 11
2016 - Toronto................5 - 13

Now if we want to talk about the actual last time that the Cats were the leagues D - Mat we have to go back to the year BEFORE Austin arrived in town which was in 2012 when we finished out of the play-offs with George Cortez as our HC ( the only time by the way since the 2008 season ) with a league worst 6 - 12 W/L record for the season .

Now this doesn't make our 0 - 4 start to this season any better and it is what it is BUT to say that this team has been the leagues D - Mat the last four seasons is total BS because nothing could be farther from the truth . The stats bare that out and the evidence says otherwise .

This is the CFL you can loose every game the first half of the season and still make it to not only the finals but to the grey cup. The Cats still have lots of time to turn things around.

"First two of those years we went to the Grey cup. The second time, we came within a play of taking it.

2015, made it to the east final."

This is all true yes. But compare that to this.......

Here is some more FAKE NEWS you for:

The Ti cats have made it to 20 Grey cup Games and have only won 8 in 64 years (that being from 1953 when they won their "first Grey Cup")

Might have been fair to provide the ENTIRE picture.....

Winnipeg 24 appearances Winning % .417
Edmonton 23 appearances Winning % .591
Toronto 22 appearances Winning % .727
Regina 19 appearances Winning % .211
Montreal 18 appearances Winning % .389
Calgary 15 appearances Winning % .467
B C 10 appearances Winning % .600

Hamilton still performed better than some teams in their winning percentage and the number of appearances. Others had more appearances and could claim a better winning percentage.

Not sure why you are complaining???

I'm not sure how ancient Grey Cup history is relevant to anything we're talking about. Pretty much no one will disagree with the facts as stated re: championship wins and losses. (Unlike misstating known and recent facts, as was done earlier in this thread and in many other threads, and can be expected to be challenged.)

The genuine disagreement will be on reasons for the current situation and the best path forward for improving it.

In 2014, we finished first in the eastern division.

And, in 2016, we made it to the east semi final....

I agree, ExPat. History has no relevance. There were a variety of players, coaches, managers and owners over time. Rules were different. Schedule was shorter. Field conditions from all grass and mud to mostly artificial turf…etc…

Just if you’re going to provide information, give the complete picture for a fair comparison.

If the Ticats lose the next 2 they will still have only lost once to a team in the East and still have 2 games in hand on Ottawa. After Winnipeg at home they will have 7 games left vs East team and only 4 left against the west.