What happens if we lose the next game??(Winn. Aug.12) Vol #7

Banks is Banks, 140 lbs, can't judge the ball, runs sideways, and can't block or catch as a receiver. A waste of money!

After the game...............Anything to add??

Cleveland North

Ya... Time to make a couple of bucks..

Well I've been a very long time Ti-cat fan.
I probably went to my first game around 1960.
Sold Hot Dogs, then becamelong time season ticket holder.
And I will continue to be a loyal fan
This may rival some of the worse teams in Ti-Cat history.
I really feel bad for Bob Young who put his heart and soul but mostly his money and built and developed a solid Business plan on the Business side.
The football side of his operation Is not doing well.
I think it was a huge mistake giving KA the keys to the Ferrari.
I'm a believer in a tiered organization. With a president a General manager and Player personal guyand a coach who are not the same person.
It won't be long until the fans stop coming again like the Ballard days 8)