What happens if we lose the next game??(Winn. Aug.12) Vol #7

OK.....I like to know what the fans think of the progress of this team.

  1. Will Hill is gone.
  2. The Cats are hiring numerous defensive players(looks like rebuilding)
  3. The Offence has not replaced Toliver. We still need a big play maker.
  4. Banks is still not Banks.
  5. The team has changed DC's.(he's no Stuber)

Positives 1. They have added June Jones( improved play calling i hope)
improved Collaros.

So my question is what if we see no improvement after this next game?

Not much will happen if they lose to Winnipeg. More angry-talk & backyard yapping but the intensity won't be such to force release of another coach (for now).

Frankly, the bombers are marching into Hamilton pretty hi 'n mighty (4-2) so their level of deperation may be a step above non-existent.

A great game by Collaros and the Ticats will have their 1st W of the season!

Then their first win will be against Ottawa the following week...

How did we get to Volune 8 already? It's only game 7.

Hopefully, Collaros is released to slink back to Steubenville and Masoli gets his chance.

You are a dreamer

Collaros is not going anywhere. Get over it already.

Try to focus on the positives a little here. Every game thus far he and team have shown some improvements and they are just going to get better in time.

The season doesn't start till labor Day ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

“The team has changed DC’s.(he’s no Stuber)”

How do we know…we haven’t played a game yet??

I remember there were reservations when Orlondo was hired as the DC. I was one of them.

P.S…just for the record the name is spelled Stubler…unless you’re referring to another coach…

The Eskimos, Stampeders, Lions and Bombers don't seem to understand that theory.
Let's wait and see how they all end up, compared to the first half bottom feeders. Then, I think you may want to re-think that statement.

"I think you may want to re-think that statement."

No I don't think I need to and or want to. Positive thinking here, there is enough negativityon here already . But thank you for suggestion. ;D

We're lucky to have a QB of his caliber. I wouldn't give up on him yet.

He just needs to bang out a few good plays, pick up a winand get some confidenceback in his game.
His throws have seemed rushed, and with zero running game, everything falls back on him. Poor blocking =less time time to scan the field =rushed passes = over/under thrown or INT.

I'm no psychologist, butI think anyone who blows out theirknee, then spends a year in rehab would be jumpy for a while.A little confidence goes a long way.He's had a few good moments, and there has been some improvement, especially in the last game whenhe rolled out a few times andtook off for some yards. Those moments will go a long way tobring him back on track.

My hopes are high for a win this weekend. If they lose, my seats are prepaid for the rest of the season regardless of their record.

Agreed (Meow Mix ) . I seem to recall the Cats once upon a time giving up on another promising young QB who was going through a rough patch and winding up releasing him . Maybe (Seamack3) you've heard of him ? went by the name of Calvillo ? .

??? ::slight_smile: Did you happen to see Torontos defense last season under STUBLER - because I can honestly say that I wasnt at all impressedwith it!

::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
Collaros finally has better OL protection most of the time and is getting used to his mostly-new receiving corps. He looked much more like the Zach from 2015 in that last game in Edmonton. Masoli makes a great back up but he`s number 2 on the depth chart for a reason!

If Masoli was the starter, guys like that would hate Masoli. I can guarantee it.


Then we have a “Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 7?”

Oski Wee Wee,


Anthony C was younger and when he left he watched behind Tracy Ham for 3-4 years and learned the game. If Zac fails hear he is not backing anyone up elsewhere. He needs to roll out and make things happen, he is not a pocket passer. He is 0/10 in his last 10 starts, lets stop candy coating things for him.