What happens if we lose the next game (Aug.18 vs RB's) Vol #8

Ok.. Hear we go again. This will probably be the last time. Because if we lose this game
there will be no return. We will basicly be in full rebuild mode.

Next game we will be without 1. Kanneh(injured)
2. Laurent(injured)
3. OL Tony Washington getting beat.
4. Banks still not Banks
5. Collaros a shadow of himself.

Positives: 1. Jones calling plays I hope.
2. E Davis in the lineup(hopefully)

So if we lose (and I hope and pray we don't ) what will change if anything?

What happens...we'll be 0-8, then 9, etc. :frowning:

It will be a very sad day for Ti Cats Fans Every where.
It will be time to rebuild for next year.

I read that Emmanuel Davis was not at practice today....Hopefully might be a key word for his attendance...

Trevor Harris is leading the league in passing yards....

I have another question. Why aren't we making trades?? ,trying to improve our OL.
Also giving Masoli some first team reps incase things go south?

What happened to the teams we had in the sixties, when the players tore a muscle, came
to the side lines, got a shot and when out and continued to play. Now if they get a hang-nail
they are out for six weeks.

I'm so pissed with this team, I would keep a half doz. players and scrap the rest including the
coaching staff.

Bob I love you, but if we lose this game, please show Austin the door.

Trade who for what? We're the worst team in the league and have no leverage. Teams would want Simoni, Altman, Saunders, etc. and give us nobody in return. OL are hard to find especially Canadians.
People are quick to throw out ideas that are impossible to execute. Glad you're not running this team.

Right now it looks to me like the only team we have a chance of beating is Ottawa....this Friday. After that I expect Ottawa will improve. Montreal and the Blue Team are better than us and will likely improve as the season goes on.
I wonder where our improvement will come from? What concerns me is that the opposition defences are always ready for us. Unless Jones has some plays that have never seen the light of day before, I don't see that situation changing. Luke Tasker, Aultman and maybe Tyms all make a great effort but like Collaros are stymied by a weak O line. Austin used Aultman maybe twice against Winnipeg and earlier in the season Tasker hardly touched the ball in one game. It's nuts. Maybe June Jones will find better ways to get the ball to these fella's all the way through the game for a change.
On the other side of the ball we have to defend against very strong receiving and running talent. And better play-calling.
How Lolley's defensive scheming will work has yet to be determined but do we have the talent to stop the opposition from piling up the points in every game? In every regular season game so far this year, the opposition has scored at least 31 points against us.
So trying to improve starting at 0-7, is certainly a monumental task.

Expect the RBs to run at the Ticat "O" line which just got weaker this week - Powell is back with Mosis Madu back him up. Laurent out and his back up Gill injured and Atkinson down too.

Evan Gill — the Ticats' first round CFL pick from the 2014 draft — who hasn't played much in his three pro years because of injury, was hurt AGAIN Monday when he appeared to hurt, or tear, his Achilles tendon. "Not looking good," Austin said of Laurent's chances for a Friday appearance. And tackle Michael Atkinson who, along with Laurent, gave the team the very strong potential to start two Canadian defensive tackles as long as they had enough backup depth (Gill, and freshly-drafted Hamilton native Justin Vaughn), missed the first five games, played two, and is now on the six-game injury list.

Perhaps, one of the things that this Oline needs, since there have been injuries and replacements is time to work together. Cohesion and timing are requirements for any front five to have. That can only come with game time experience, as painful as this is to say.
You want to give the backup more reps when your starter is not fully comfortable? You first need to get your bulls in front to keep the signal caller safe. Please see my first point.
Coaches are not going to risk a player's long term health and well being for a short term boost. Perhaps,if you can, find out what the injuries really are before you make such uninformed remarks.