What happens if we lose the next eleven games?

In recent years, the Ticats stole some key games with big special teams plays at crucial times. Now that special teams haven't been bailing this team out anymore, is that merely exposing how bad the team has been for a long time?

It will be Reinbold and the defence's fault. Our offence is fine.

Nothing because they have more important things to worry about like Steam Whistles, Twisted Tea Zones and The Stipley. Nobody actually cares about the game right?

Unfortunately, It will probably take this scenario to finally clean house of this Austin/Tillman regime.
All of the Coordinators have either quit or been fired.
Time for the VP, HC and his sidekick GM to take responsibility for this gong show, soap opera, Circus to step aside and do whats good for the team, because as someone once said,

"We want guys that understand what it means to be a teammate, and to play in a team sport."

I know special teams is not the hottest topic on here, but if we are gonna punt every series we better have it on lock down.

Every punt (except 1) guys got caught inside allowing the returner to get outside which = lots o yards… This is not difficult to see. This is what Banks is looking for…thats why it looks like he’s an E-W runner to try to get a block and get outside to turn it up field…and he’s not by a country mile.

ST in the CFL is 100% different than the NFL. But we promote a great ST coach with a ton of experience to DC just to get rid of him and have ST coach who has only coached RB’s in the CFL for 1 season 6 years ago.

With a huge emphasis on Offense and Defense cohesion how much time is actually being spent teaching this aspect…all non starters on punt team and I’m sure the same on the return team.

Also I’d put Saunders back there for a FULL game to show everyone (including players) it doesn’t matter who’s back there AND maybe spark Banks.

We as Ticat fans have witnessed some bad teams over the years. This team though maybe one of the worst I have witnessed.

It's bad that we have to go back to the late 90's early 2000's for a good coaching staff. Man do I miss Lancaster and Dmac.

They may be 0 and 7 but the players all look happy and well cared for. They love to hot dog, smile and get on the cam. They all need their asses kicked!

Pretty sure we saw more yards from him on the one return than we saw from Banks all game...

You must have a short memory. This team is nowhere near as bad as 1997 and 2003.

We've seen more from Saunders this year than we've seen from Sleepy Banks in the last year and a half .
If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times already if and when we start Blowing this thing up that one of the guys who should be top of the list and first to be pink slipped should be Sleepy "B" .

You can't possibly compare this team to the 2003 version. The 2003 team was bankrupt. Guys didn't know if they would get paid and the team had 0 resources. This 2017 team costs 10 times as much to operate and features some of the highest paid players and coaches in the league.
One would expect the 2003 team to lose. With the massive support staff and huge financing from BY, this team does not have any excuse to perform so poorly.

Yer absolutely right about this team not being as bad as 1997 and 2003...........They're WORSE !!!!
This team right now makes those two teams look like Grey Cup champions in comparison . :-[.
Speaking of BAD teams aside from "97" and "03 not withstanding over the years let's not forget about the beauty teams we were saddled with in........."91" (3-15) , "94" (4-14) , "05 (5-13) , "06" (4-14)
"07" (3-15) , "08" (3-15)etc etc . It's sad to say but for me being a fan for almost 50 yrs this season has a very familiar "Been der dun tat" feel to it . Believe me it's nothing that we haven't seen before from this outfit over the last 45 plus years of mediocre or worse football teams that this fan base has had to put up with while watching other teams flourish and be competitive and entertaining in the same amount of time .

Oh and just in closing and for the record, speaking of bad teams over the years , this team going back to 1972 has given us in the last 45 yrs........22 seasons of 10 or more losses in a year.....soon to be 23 seasons after this season is mercifully over with . :-[

Hamilton Proud? :o

The team better re-think this.

Since Saunders has had 1 punt return for 7 yards ON THE SEASON according to the CFL statistician...lets put him back there and see. And 8 returns in 6 games (about 1 per game) is hardly enough to evaluate.