What happens' if there is another 'incident'

As far as I have heard, there has been no substantive changes in the system for disciplining players that go outside the rules. Let's say someone goes out and does a dirty chop block, etc. What would the discipline be? Someone else brought this up as a side topic a day or two ago and it got me thinking on what the discipline would be. To me, unless there have been changes I have not been aware of, we will be right back into another controversy.

Does anyone know of information pertaining to this?

They will probably call in the military.

Only if its in Toronto.......and its snowing

except they would probably call in the marines.

Sorry riderfanatic, I know you want serious answers, but I dont think anyone not from the league office can give one. Actually, I doubt anyone from the league is capable of doing so either.

Based on past events calling for discipline, I’d say FYB is right on the money on this one…

If it was up to me and it was determined to be a deliberate attempt to injure..... I would have no problem with a season suspension.....18 games....to be completed the following season if required

Plus playoffs, IMO.

That's way too harsh. I might agree with it for something extremely outrageous like beating up a fan or something, but I don't want the CFL turned into touch football. You can't make people afraid to play hard or be aggressive.

No way something like a chop block would be worth a years suspension, you would basically ruin someones career over them making one mistake. Maybe, and I'm still not sure about it, if it was 2nd, or 3rd offense but no way otherwise.

Fine people, hit them in the pcketbook where it hurts.

Fines only work to a certain degree, though...recall last year, where fans chipped in to pay Tillman's fine? Do you really think that fine did any "damage" like it should have?

Bit different in that case. Tillman was fined for flapping his lips about the HO. I doubt any CFL fan would chip in to pay for someone who knowingly played dirty.

I'm not saying I'm not for suspensions in some cases, just not anything as crazy as a year long one for something like a chop block.

Okay...perhaps a year is too lengthy, but I do think that this token shake of the finger and the "Don't do that again, please" attitude is doing nothing to help things...so what's the happy medium? A graduated system?

And how would you implement it, anyway? I think that's the real issue - trying to get both sides on the same page...

Something where it's minimal first time, and goes up from there. Anyone can make a mistake in the 'heat of battle', you just want to get rid of the repeat offenders.

It's a tough call though because how do you rank what's merely unsportsman like or if someone is really out there to hurt someone.

A lot of great players past and present might be seen as mean, or borderline dirty. I don't want to see the CFL turn into a kiddy game. This is football after all, not whiffleball.

Any thing to improve the circus from last year would be welcome.

But I don't think the CFL can change anything until the players Association Agreement expires. Until then, keep you head up and hopefully nobody ends up in a wheel chair for life.

They'll get a stern talking to and be back out on the field next play.

Only a judge from Edmonton with Eskimo season tickets can rule on any "incidents" that may or may not involve helmets being ripped off and thrown thirty yards. :lol:

I dont believe it to harsh for deliberetly injuring and possibly ending someones career. What about the player who's career is over? Why does he deserve a harsh sentence?

Fines dont do anything. Like JM pointed out...fans have been known to pay the fines and who is to say that the team or players wont pay it.....

Knowing that your(the player) act of stupidity will take you out for a year should be a good deterant. If its not enough..then its 2 years

Marty York reports that AJ Gass and Jason Jimenez have been appointed by the CFLPA to the pool of Arbitrators to rule on suspensions for 2008. :lol: :lol:

Actually, my third cousin twice removed is a janitor that works at CFL Head Quarters. He found this memo on the floor the Other day:

To : All General Managers

Please send all Video tape to Stu Laird or Ed Molstad at CFLPA Head Quarters. Stu and Ed will be handing out all player discipline for 2008.

Hugs and Kisses

Mark Cohon