What happens if the Golden Horseshoe doesn't get the games?

Most of us are talking like we are already getting a stadium.

Problem is, we haven't even won the games yets.

The city won't be able to flip the bill for the entire thing and there is already a lot of controversy around them putting money in for the upgrades.

We can't play in IWS forever with at least some major renovations.

It's been 80 years since a new stadium. I think it's our time!

I couldnt care less lol. The only games I'm interested in are CFL NFL and NHL. I really don't care bout track and field and stuff.

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You may think that way, but a lot of people don’t, including me. Do you realize that the entire starting field for the men’s 100 meter Beijing Olympic final are from Pan Am countries. That would be a hell of a race to watch over again. If it were in Hamilton, I’d be there.

Touche my friend, touche. Very good point.