What happens if BURRIS goes down??

With the performance Burris made with his running in the 2nd PS game it shows that he is fired up about the
upcoming season. But can he keep up with this pace and not get hurt is my 1st question. he is not as young and wirey
as he was when he first came into the CFL.

Also my 2nd question is can Porter carry us through to the Grey Cup if Burris goes down???

Or should we be looking else where for another backup? :cowboy:

Just as I'm gettin all fired up, GOTC, you're scarin me and takin the wind out of my sails.

My concern is more whether the O line can protect Burris well enough to keep him in all those games. I think Henry has learned over the years how to protect himself against most of the dangers out there. That is, except his blind side.

Yes, I'm concerned too, that if what you're suggesting happens (can't say it out loud), I doubt Porter can take us the rest of the way. But, where do you find a backup who can start this season??? Don't have any names handy...maybe someone else out there does....

Keep your fingers crossed and just worry about things when they actually happen. My only concern is that I think Cortez should be using Porter on short yardage situations. He did an excellent job of it last year. The way things looked in the pre-season games makes me think it will never happen. Just don't think Burris should be taking any unnecessary shots when we have a proven short yardage specialist.

What happens if Ray, Calvillo, Lulay, or Pierce go down? The answer is blowing in the wind my friend. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Ray is actually backed up in Toronto by the serviceable former B.C. starter Jarious Jackson. A step down, sure, but still a solid veteran.

And in other news, look for Steven Jyles to have a true breakout year with the Eskimos, while backed up by the aging but capable Kerry Joseph.


I'd replace Burris with Dan Lefevour right away and use Porter as HIS backup. :thup: Time for some excitement. Throw him into the deep end. From what I have seen of him so far, I think he would do fine in that situation.
We know what Porter can and cannot do and so does every other team in the league.
If Lefevour can't produce, then I guess we are stuck with Porter. Maybe they kept Porter because they are waiting for his contract to expire....or until they can make a trade. Maybe then they will find a backup with some experience who is more consistent than him.

Burris has never suffered any serious injuries. Not sure why people would worry about that.

Because thats what you do in the Hammer, "WORRY" about everything !!!

I wish some fans would channel that energy into something positive, maybe we could sell out the Home Opener !!!

A big AMEN to that brother. The season hans’t even started yet … sheeesh!

Spinner wrote:

[b]"and what happens in Montreal if Tony Cavillo goes down? or what happens in Toronto if Richard Ray goes down?

or what happens if our kicker breaks a leg? what happens if Avon suffers a season ending injury like Mallet did and Chevron gets an injury too?"[/b]

Spinner, you are either fear mongering....or making fun.....but if Cavillo and Ray go down...isn't that cause for celebration in Hamilton??? Stala can kick....and Grant should be back before season end....meantime..Burris will need to run more...but what do we do for a backup if Burris goes down???

If Porter doesn't cut it, maybe we can convince BOLTUS to come back. I hear he's amazing if only given the chance.

Indeed. Hank is many things, but brittle isn't one of them. He's been very durable over the course of his career. I'm more concerned with whether his O-line can keep him upright.

WELL - not exactly true.
With Pierce in the Peg, they have 3 backups ( Brink, Goltz, & Elliott ) who can all play.
This is the only Team, I think, with 4 QB's.
If you look at the current roster, they conveniently put Goltz on the injury list. That is how they can hide him.
But you can see, that the Pegers are the deepest in the QB position.
If Burris goes down, I am not confident with Porter, and hope that LeFevour can step up.

But it is a big hope...

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Why is everyone else's back-up QB better than our back-up QBs? That's a rhetorical question because the answer is they aren't. The success of your back-up QB is dependent on the quality of the rest of your team and the talent of your coaching staff. We know Quinton can play, as recorded on wikipedia.com he has one of the great passing performances in Ticat history:
"His performance in his second start, 27-of-32 passing for 429 yards and five touchdowns including running himself for 42 yards on six carries..."
And Lefevour can play too. Also from wikipedia:
"2009 MVP of the MAC Championship Game, 2010 GMAC Bowl MVP, 2010 Senior Bowl North team most outstanding player, 2010 set the NCAA record for most total touchdowns by a Quarterback. 150. (102 passing, 47 rushing, 1 receiving)"

As Pat says, Henry is very reliable, but should the worst happen, we'll be fine.

How did you attribute that quote from Pat to me?

WELL!...........If the CARETAKER says that we will be fine, I will go along with that, because he knows where the
BUCK STOPS!! :cowboy:

Caretaker, Caretaker, Caretaker....if you're going to trot out stats then I will do the same. It was Oct.21/05. when a rookie quarterback made his debut for the hometown Tiger-Cats. His name was Kevin Eakin. You might remember him. :wink: Eakin proceeded to lead the 'Cats to victory by completing 17 of 29 for 407 yds. 3 TD's and 1 Int. A new "messiah" was born that night and the fans were clamoring for more. It all ended with one of my favourite quotes from some long-forgotten ticats.ca poster....."Freakin' Eakin is Freakin' Awful". I think we all know that Quinton Porter has the physical tools to succeed in the CFL game. What we, as fans want to see, is consistency when Porter gets his chance to play. He's had several opportunities to get into the game and perform and I'm sure he will be watched closely this year. Time will tell if he ends up as a bonafide CFL quarterback or another Freakin' Eakin.

I have been reading as much as I can on the internet on levevour and alot of people think he should be in the NFL.Alot were pissed over why he was cut from the bears.

pikk wrote: I have been reading as much as I can on the internet on levevour and alot of people think he should be in the NFL.Alot were pissed over why he was cut from the bears.
Lefevour may not necessarily be well suited for the formulaic NFL QB system. With his tremendous agility and improvisational skills, the CFL could be much better fit for him.

IF (Lord help Us)...anything happens to Burris.

We don't have a reliable back-up.

That is, until Lefevour is more seasoned with our game.