What Happens if AC Struggles on Sunday?

OK...I'm a McPherson fan....what of it?

Still...we've all seen Anthony struggle on occasion.
The Eskimos are as close to an "arch enemy" in the CFL since Ottawa tanked.
Certainly AC's waged some titanic struggles with Ricky Ray

But what happens if AC starts getting more pressure than he can handle?
What happens at the half...say...if we're down and the offense has come out flat?
What if the Eskimos secondary is having a great game....and the running game is anemic...at best?

Do the Alouettes go with McPherson?
Do they stick it out and hope Calvillo pulls off another miracle?
Or what if McPherson starts and HE falls flat?
Is Calvillo ready to come off the bench?

Seems like the time to start talking about this...

This is why I'd rather start McPherson on Sunday. If he does well, hey, ride him to victory! If he struggles, you can bring the old master Calvillo in without any hint of a QB controversy, since any failures on Adrian's part will be rightly attributed to lack of experience. But tossing a rusty Calvillo into a game situation against a desperate Edmonton team doesn't sit particularly well with me. Oh well. I assume Marc wouldn't be doing this unless he felt Anthony were fully ready to go.

I'm torn in both directions on this one:

Naturally I'd like to see Adrian get another start.
But somehow would rather see him struggle a bit and have Anthony come to the rescue
rather than the reverse.
Now that McPherson has had a start and has shown people what he can do...
...he seems comfortable...even confident that his place as heir apparent is secured

On the other hand...Calvillo seems to be adjusting to McPherson's presence
And to the obvious fact that as his career winds down...using Adrian's talents more regularly
Might be what's best for the team.

For the moment I'd like to see Calvillo get back to work.
Maybe spot McPherson in only when and if AC is in tough against a "dangerous" defense
Or at least one that's got the Alouettes number on any given day,
and the offensive line is struggling to keep him "clean"

Calvillo's usually worked himself out of tough games before
Any thoughts of yanking him should be well down the road

Agreed, I can see good points to proceeding in either fashion. I wonder if they would ever consider alternating QBs on each series? Like Calgary does at RB with Reynolds and Cornish. Argos tried that route ages ago, when Cahill was the coach, and they had Joe Theismann and Greg Barton at QB. One would play one series, the other the next, and so on. Didn't last long, it became rather evident very quickly that Theismann was by far the superior QB to Barton. But since AC and McPherson give defences such different looks, it might work. . . and it might not, just a thought.

I was never a fan of the "Cahill" school of QB rotation. To develop his full potential, a QB has to be under center for an entire half or the whole game. Necessarily, there will be adversity at times as the opposing D prepares for his O schemes. He has to learn how to get around such adversity - that's how great QBs gain their reputations.

I sincerely hope that both AC and AD (Chris Leak as well, for that matter) get regular reps under center at practise and during meaningful games this season. I also hope that both are ready to go at a moment's notice, barring injury.

I don't see a dual QB system as a controversy. Surely AC must know that his days are numbered and that at some point in the not-too-distant future, he will be announcing his retirement. Now a coach is almost always going to use his most potent weapon to ensure Ws and that weapon, indisputably, has been AC for the last 10 or more seasons. BUT Trestman also has AD. With regular work, AD is only going to improve his game and be able to step in and replace our Hall-of-Famer. Reasonable enough? The only fly in the ointment would be if egos start getting in the way,

Great a thread designed to start a QB controversy the day before a game. :roll:

Anthony has been the starting QB for this team for 12 years and if he struggles unless it is because of injury you let him work things out. He managed ok in the fourth quarter of the GC last season, who knows how that games end if Trestman pulls Calvillo in the third quarter ?

The last thing we need is a game of pulling QB's and playing with their minds and its not fair to Adrian who has not taken first reps this year, does not mean he would struggle being sent in but its not how you want your young guy to be groomed.

Quarterbacks are not hockey goalies.

I mean you can start 20 of these loser attitude threads.

What happens if Duval struggles ?
What happens if Jamal drops passes?
What happens if the chearleaders drop their pompoms?
What happens if Chip Cox gets hurt ?

I'm not meaning to pick on the OP but we have a winning ball team with a HOF QB and the best young backup in the league and we are playing at home against a .200 football team. I think there are more positive topics to talk about.

Absolutely NOT my intention
And I don't appreciate YOU taking that attitude towards my asking a perfectly reasonable question.

People have been effusive about McPherson's performance last week.
And while everyone acknowledges that Calvillo remains the Alouettes starting quarterback
Getting McPherson in for some quality playing time would seem to be a priority
Especially considering how often Calvillo HAS been hurt this year

I'll say it now and I'll say it a thousand times if I have to:
I post my comments because I have opinions I want to share
I'm not here to socialize
I don't give a rat's posterior if it bugs, upsets, ruffles or otherwise disturbs ANYONE

I would hope that everyone here is has self-expression as their primary motivation
NOT "other-negativization"
While I'd be the last person to tell anyone what not to write
I just DON'T see anything positive from THAT

I'm glad your not angry :lol:

You can post whatever you like, but the title of your thread speaks for itself and every thread you have started are "Adrian centric" starting to read like some bad man crush :smiley:

Calvillo has stuggled dozens of times and I can't remember someone pulling him in the last 10 years and I've maybe missed 3 games in ten years.

So why would he be pulled now ? Nothing has changed. The team commited to him this spring and he commited to his team and Adrian is still his backup until the end of the season.

Maybe it is just my way of seeing the glass half full instead of empty. I'd have far more enjoyed a thread titled

How much of a lead do we need before pulling AC ?

To which I am going to start one

Again....why the personal stuff?
We're here to discuss football.
I think McPherson is a superb athlete that may well be the Alouettes quarterback of the next DYNASTY
He's been languishing on the bench and deserves a better fate....pleased to see it's finally happening
If I'm passionate about that it's because I LOVE the Alouettes

I think a lot of people on these boards feel the same about their teams
At least I don't wear a watermelon on my head...or a dead lark


Calvillo's never had a backup that generates such excitement...or such offense...for one thing. Another difference as someone else has pointed out...athletes that reach a certain age are simply more vulnerable to injury and take longer to heal....it's hard for everyone to face....but it's a fact nonetheless. Now it's different for EVERY athlete...and I'm not in any way suggesting that Anthony is there yet....but it's still something to be considered and appraised. Besides....considering the injury factor...it might be just the boost to his longevity that Anthony needs...having a young and talented guy come in when the going gets REALLY tough.

I hope you're kidding
What possible difference could it make to you or anyone else if I'm angry?
No one should EVER let fear of emotional reprisal or emotional outbursts stop them from saying their piece
Here or anywhere else
Just like I can NEVER allow anyone else's timidity or passive aggression stop me from being who I am
For better or worse

Tell it like it is!!!

Yes I was kididng :smiley:


BTW...the title of the post wasn't meant as disrespect towards Anthony
But he is coming off a major injury
Medical evaluations are all well and good...practice reps can be "promising"
But until he's thrown a few passes in game action
Until he's taken a hit or two
I'll be biting my nails

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I couldn't be happier that AC passed for over 300 yards yesterday.
Although he was the first to admit that he struggled a bit in the game...it was good to see everybody having fun and celebrating AC's return with a WIN!

Yep, the win was nice, the yardage was nice. But Anthony frankly admitted after the game that he has to play better. No beating around the bush there. Some of his throws were uncharacteristically off and the pick he threw was maybe the first INT all season long that was a result of him not reading the field properly. LOL, doesn't happen very often to him.

I wish the team would work on that corner route to Richardson in the end zone. So far, neither Anthony nor Adrian seem able to make that play work. I don't know if it's the ball that isn't well-thrown or Richardson not adjusting properly, but I'm tired of seeing those fall incomplete.