what happens at the grey cup village?

My girlfriend and I just managed to get tickets for the grey cup in montreal and were wondering what typically happens at the grey cup village that apparently takes place at every grey cup. Any help would be great so we can plan our trip to montreal around it.

It's a party, dude.
I expect lots of free concerts, some paid concerts, you drink beer (or the liquour of your choice) assuming you are age appropriate, and you dance, have fun and party hard.
And you do it with thousands of other crazy football fans from all across the country...

Eventually, there will be a list of events and then you can figure out which ones you want to attend.
Not everything will be at the Grey Cup Village.

What usually happens is there are bands playing at various different venues. Each day has different events, some things happen the same day every year, touchdown manitoba friday aft, used to be rendyvous regina on sat aft but they didn't have it this year. Basically you just pick a venue and go and socialize. Its like a massive caberet. with Cheerleaders and pep bands. Way too much fun packed into 4 days.
At night you go to one of may choices. Spirit of Edmonton is very popular as is Riderville. Those happen every night. Then there are the concerts that are usually $20-40. Whatever you do will be fun, so don't worry too much about planning things.

What happens at the Grey Cup village, stays at the Grey Cup village...:slight_smile:

Along those lines....General admission tics. go on sale in March correct?

you're damn straight

...c'mon, get serious, nothing lewd or illicit happens in Monteal....

As someone who got absolutely hammered in that city, I can agree with Xvys. :lol:

Let's just say you might consider letting the girlfriend go shopping without you for a few hours one day at least....

You meet village people


Make that one night!

That's just the details.
The fundamentals of the plan stand....ditch the girlfriend....although...I suppose....it depends....what kinds of things does the girlfriend like.....not that anything lewd or illicit ever happens in Montreal.....

I might add, that by definition, many things that do happen in Montreal are NOT considered lewd or illicit...as long as you are in Montreal....

isnt montreal the gay capital of canada? ewww

Would you like a shovel Arius? Your digging yourself deeper, and deeper… :lol: :lol: :lol: