What happened?

Smilin Hank is now playing like an aging QB. Last night, he looked to be in his mid 90s.

He is just as liable to come out next game and do exceptionally well, but lets not hold our

breaths waiting for this to happen. Henry let a lot balls sail last night and where the heck

was Stala? IMO, coaching (Cortez) is this team's biggest problem.

We got smoked again! :frowning:

I certainly expect there will be much more of the same.

I really don't know what to think...
A big part of me really wants to believe that we are that team that beat the heck out of the Eskimos.
We seem to have enough offensive talent to be that dominant and, randomly, Hank seems to be able to move the ball at will. Several times this season, I've thought "Wow, now we've got the pedals figured out on this ferrari and we're gonna roll", only to regress and look horrible for another couple of weeks.
The offense this week against the Bombers was dreadful. Is Porter hurt? Clearly Hank needed some time off...

I’m a Ticat fan, always have been, always will be. I hope for the best, but try to temper my enthusiasm with some realism.

I wasn’t sold on Burris when we traded for him. I always thought he was streaky, not fundamentally excellent. It didn’t look like a big upgrade for us to move our starter for another team’s backup who had lost his starting job and was aging. Unfortunately, I seem to have been correct. He’s older and less consistent, but still able to perform very well on occasion (so was Glenn), and he’s still smiling. Will he still be doing that next spring at training camp at age 38? I’m not convinced.

I wasn’t in favour of firing Marcel B to begin with, and was never sold on George Cortez being the answer. Decades of work as an assistant does not guarantee success as a head coach. Handing him the keys to the franchise as HC, Director of Football Operations and having him be his own OC seemed to me to be a real risk and overdoing it considerably. His know it all demeanour doesn’t endear him to many on here, and coupled with a distinct lack of success it is winning him few accolades. I hope he can turn it around before the failures mount to the point where the players tune him out. I don’t think that’s happened yet, but I do have my fingers crossed.

I doubt we will make the playoffs this season. Maybe the team will surprise in the final third of the season, but the record to date doesn’t suggest it is likely. This is a serious regression in a year when we were expected to make significant advances and contend for the Grey Cup.

Maybe we never did have the talent level we were led to believe we had coming into this season. So maybe we had unrealistic expectations to begin with. But to characterize this a a developmental year strikes me as revisionist thinking of the feeblest kind. The five-year plan has become eight, and we’re going backwards.

I’m not about to give up on the team or on being a fan, but like others I’m very disappointed.

They folded in the second half as usual......

Really, because the game I was watching was 16-12 at the end of the third quarter. They gave up 18 in the fourth, but the offense did nothing -- literally, they scored zero points -- and yet it is the defense's fault? Sorry, I know the defense has been really bad this year, but this loss does not hang on them when the offense only scores 12 points.

8) Did this offence even get into the red zone at all during this last game ??
   If my memory serves me right....they didn't !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 


Once I think.... Giguere took a short pass and ran it down to around the 10 (although I could be wrong, it might have been further out)

Yes, the offense was the reason we lost to Winnipeg. 12 points and no TDs is unacceptable.

The defense did give up 30+ points again.

We aren't going to win many games giving up 30+ points.

We are the highest scoring team in the league with a terrible oline, questions at running back, an over the hill inconsistent QB, receivers who drop too many balls and a wr named stala who is never on the field. And despite all of this we have been in 5 of our 8 losses and have had the lead or tied in 4 of those in the last 3 minutes in the game.

The offense is going to drop like a rock for the last 6 games. It was a miracle to keep it together this long.

It's hard to have confidence on offense when you know you have to put up 40 to just possibly win and know that your defense can't make critical stops for you.

Or maybe...just maybe...if the offence doesn't go two and out repeatedly, and is able to sustain some drives, and score some points...the defence a) doesn't give up thirty plus points a game and b) has gas left in the tank for said critical stops in the fourth quarter. The other team can't score if we are able to maintain possession and not go two and out repeatedly.

Whats that old saying..."sometimes the best defence is a good offence"

The funny thing is, I do think the offense does have sustained drives. Not every drive ends up in points but the Cats have put together some good drives.

The offense is not going to be on every game but giving up 430 yards a game on defense.

Maybe if the defense had a quick 2 and out sometime, in a critical part of the game, we could have a few more wins.

Time of possession isn't good 27 to 33 minutes a game on average. This is an indicator of more long drives given up by the defense than sustained drives by the offense.


This coaching staff is not having the players up and in a postion to win bottom line it's not our players they have shown they can beat the best ....,, coaching

I agree.

Cortez is not a good coach. He makes terrible decisions. He does not manage personnel, gauge talent efficiently, manage the wind or game clock well. Maybe the sharpie fumes are affecting his decisions. Sharpie fumes do kill brain cells.

I think he would be a good QB coach. Teach the QB how to better read the coverage and draw him a couple of nice audibles he could call at line. Maybe even work his way up to OC. Teach the next QB coach how to recognize coverage and draw up audibles. And so on.

Is he a head coach? Nope. The chances of this post disappearing are better than our playoff chances.

Wake up Cortez.

He could be using a non-toxic version of the Sharpie and it wouldn't make a difference. The fact is that Cortez has coached for 30+ years and has never had a head coaching gig. That should tell us something. He might very well be a decent OC or positional coach but he's clearly in over his head for all the responsibilities he's assumed. Some people are just not cut out to oversee all facets of running and managing a football team.

Lets bring back Greg Marshall from Western. :lol: :lol: :lol: He did make the playoffs, though. :wink:

Caretaker, are you listening? :stuck_out_tongue:

So Bob Young is supposed to fire a coach that has 3 years left on his contract in order to hire a coach that he had previously fired.

That move would be about as progressive as a bald tire on wet ice.

Cortez is a rookie head coach and has made many rookie head coach mistakes.
Some have cost us ball games.
I may be wrong but it is probably not as easy as it looks being a head coach.
He is a seasoned coach and hopefully his mistakes will become less.
I do not think he is going anywhere soon.

Interesting quote from the cbc.ca rankings that about sums up our team.

"This week answered a query we all had from seven days back: Yes, that win over Montreal really was a mirage. These bad kitties handed a huge victory to Edmonton through three interceptions (Oh, Henry!), and two fumbles. QB Burris now has a team record 34 TD throws on the season, but he's also tossed 14 picks and fumbled the ball eight times. There's no way of knowing, almost from moment to moment, what guy you're going to get. Defensively, they give up too many yards, too many first downs, hand back too many chances. Presenting a great circus doesn't help much if you keep burning down the tent."

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opinion/2012/10/cfl-power-rankings-week-15-1.html?cmp=rss]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opini ... ml?cmp=rss[/url]