What happened?

I thought that Cortez was supposed to be some offensive guru, what the hell happened? He runs another (as usual) vanilla offense with little or no creativity. Again What the hell happened?

The Tiger-Cats have terrific passing, QB and scoring stats.

This pathetic offensive display is not on him.


Now you know why we in Calgary got rid of both Cortez and Burris. Cortez was a mediocre DC and Henry would play 1 game like he was the best in the league and then 2 like he wouldn't make a highschool team second squad and that ratio kept getting worse as he got older. The only reason his stats are good this year is because his receivers with a few exceptions like Fantuz have been turning themselves into pretzels making catches on badly thrown passes.

Disagree. if anything, receivers have had the dropsies.

For the most part, Burris has been very good, but tonight was another story for sure.

Also disagree. For the most part, our offence and Burris have carried us, but the damn defence kept giving up ove 30 points per game all year. Tonight, Burris was bad and the offence was off, but at least the defence was consistent, giving up another 30 plus points per game. I feel so sorry for Jamal, a couple of the new defensive linemen, Campbell perhaps, but the rest just plain stink and, well, I have made my feelngs well known in previous posts as to the lack of ability and talent regading Creehan.

Even if our Offence bounces back, and it will, our defence won't as it used up it's one good game per year against the Esks.

Captain… I have to agree with the pervious post. Henry is not an accurate passer by any stretch of the imagination. Buck Pierce was on the shelf for seven games and still out played Henry.

The best quarterback won. Burris was no match for Buck Pierce. And this was Pierce's first game in a long time. Burris took the easy way out by handing off to Cobourne all night long. Even in the third quarter with the wind at his back, he relied too much on the run. When he did throw, his passes were behind the receivers or well out of the reach of his receivers. Thought Burris was a running quarterback. The coach has got to learn that when his starting quarterback is unable to move the team, then you go to your backup quarterback. Seems he is afraid to offend Burris. Just like the last game when he was afraid to use the backup quarterbacks in the fourth quarter when Hamilton had the game in hand. The guy from Calgary has it right. :roll:

You're blaming the defense in a game where the offense scores 12 points? They would have had to replicate last week's performance to win this game and that is unreasonable. The D allowed nine points in the first half; the offense scored six. The defense kept this a one score game into the fourth quarter; the offense didn't score a single point after the third quarter. Tell me again how the defense lost this game?

I don't think he is. Not sure where you read that.

He wrote, "Tonight, Burris was bad and the offence was off"

Furthermore, he's not responding to the game tonight, but rather this thread is about the offense in general I believe.

Buck plays with heart every game. He is very good at reading defenses, he can scramble and throw accurately. Burris is not an accurate passer and tonight he sailed the football putting our receivers in a vulnerable position time and time again. Yes there were some drops from the receivers however I believe they were due to the ball just being thrown poorly. Burris was lucky he never had some of those poorly thrown passes intercepted.

for us to wish and expect to see anything but what we saw tonight is insanity and stupidity by definition. I saw this coming all week but hoped for a win. Let down again.....................................

Generally you expect your offense to score points for you. When the defense lets the opposing team extend drives by taking unnecssary penalties and giving up yardage on keys plays the offense does not get the ball that often. And when they get the ball often it is with a long field in front of them. For what ever reason the coach decided that AC was the go to guy and decided he wanted to establish the rush. Why he decided this, who knows. Maybe he has lost faith in Burris's ability to throw the ball. The game plan was a failure. Neither the offense or defense played tonight. Once Buck figured out the blitze packages and made the reads they moved down the field easily. This team lacks direction and heart.

QBs are taught to throw for timing. They are also taught to throw away from the coverage. If the receivers are out of position because they are facing the wrong way for the coverage, and they have to adjust to correct their own mistake, how it that on the QB who did everything as he was trained? That is what I saw on a few of those throws.

They forgot to bring the shovel , pail and good Ontario dirt along for the trip west


They forgot to bring a Quarterback and some imagination,too!

The real Tiger Cat team showed up in Winnipeg last night. For me this team should be 1 - 11. The only game that they fought hard and played to win was against Montreal. The Sask game was a very lucky win considering thet were outplayed all game. Chris Williams won the game against Toronto with a punt return for a touch down. And as usual Toronto outplayed the Cats the entire game. As far as the Edmonton game.......everything went well for the Cats and Edmonton has been playing horribly for several games and could not make the adjustments and beat a team that has no discipline, no heart and a coach who has alienated his players with his arrogant behaviour. So I guess we should count our lucky stars the team is not 1 - 11 becuase that should be their true record. While other teams seem to find the right mix of talent and chemistry, the Cats crap the bed again. and again and again. This is staring to wear on me and thousands of other die hard Tiger Cat fans. Is there anybody listening on Jarvis Street ?

What happened is when you lose twice to the (supposed) worst team in the league you officially become the worst team in the league. :oops:

8) How right you are.
 Despite the 2 point advantage in the standings,  and considering that Winnipeg has now beaten us twice, the Cats are
 officially the worst team in the CFL !!

Quick, give us another concert to distract us. When the football is terrible, we might take bread and circuses!