What happened?

Hey ro1313 what happened to that post about redandwhite.
I stuck up for him,and then it is gone.
Was it something I said.
If you take the post off,let people know why you take the post off.
Also is a post gets locked,can you give a reason.
I'm not saying you are locking posts or getting rid of them.
I know you are a mod.I just want to know why?

only one reason a topic get locked.
Because it is getting out of hand and personel

I agrre with thta ro1313.
However someone else has different rules!!!!
You didn't answer my other question.
What happened to that post where I stuck up for redandwhite?
P.S. don't tell RandW,he might think I like him.LOL

..... :oops: .......


Wow do not tell Kanga he will be jealous!


We'll change your opinion of R&W.... News flash! He's a Rider fan! LOL


C'mon mate, Saskargo is a married women.

We are just good friends.

right? Saskargo?