What Happened ?

Anyone hear anything yet on last nights BOD meeting ?

Rumor has it, Lyle Bauer is gone after Grey Cup......could just be a rumor over at ourbombers though.

Didn't take long for the mods at ourbombers to lock that thread down, lol.

Sounds like things are still up in the air,

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/bombers-board-huddles-lets-kelly-ride-70604187.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 04187.html[/url]

....SPECULATION FOR SURE.....someone on another site says Bauer is headed for Calgary ... is that for the Grey Cup...to work there....or just to retire????????I think Kelly will be hard pressed to hang on to his job if a new gm is brought in....Usually a new man clears the decks....I don't think the bog will overshadow anything ,with an announcement ,beore the Cup.... stay tuned...I also don't think a final decision has been made with regard to the BigBlues management...gm./coach or otherwise :roll:

Another rumor has Bishop inking a long term deal with Bombers, that will include his input into the type of offense Bombers will run. Like I said just a rumor, I ought to know cause I started it.

I can't help but think Bauer and Kelly will share the same fate...either they both get another shot, or they're both gone.

Well, if there's to be a total housecleaning, how about this:

papazoola for GM;

Pigseye for head coach;

Kubie for offensive coordinator;

housedog for Public Relations.

Word is that both Bauer and Kelly are gone.

..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

.....If there is too be more changes????, i don't think i'd last too long MadJack....we're changing people in the echelon of the BigBlue like some people change their socks....Pigseye for coach would be good however...and Kubie...I just don't know about dawg in pr. .....he hates everything... :lol:

..To be frank, and earnest (now that's tough being 2 people at the same time) i'm a litttle skeptical of the rumoured changes...For one thing we are still paying Berry....it wouldn't make sense at all monetarily, to be paying Kelly as well ,to sit at home....Bauer would have to be replaced....gms don't come cheap...According to the press we are going to lose sponsors IF Kelly stays....not to mention some fans.....This is all beginning to smell like a rotten kettle of fish...If Asper is watching at all (can't see how he wouldn't be on top of this) then he must be reconsidering his take-over of the club.....orrrrrr this is all being done ahead of time because Asper has a whole new direction for the team....It sure doesn't lend any stability to the Wpg. football club and its fans....I sure hope someone with some credibility would enlighten the locals SOON on the real situation and direction the team is going... cuz this continual up-heavel is getting very tiresome.. :thdn:

Listening to the radio lastnite they said Bauer might just be heading out of Bomberland and then the panel decide on Kellys fate

This is my Hypotemuse

Bauer said he would not fire his coach two weeks ago when asked, basically playing chicken with the BOD and he likely left the meeting telling them if they decide to change coach that he'll walk. After 10 years of mediocrity with a couple ray of lights...It would be a good thing to go with fresh ideas, providing they find the right person.

What does the longest side of a right angle triangle have to do with the Bombers?

Bauer was asked to fire Kelly 2 weeks ago? Whose your source on that? Link please?

what happened to doug berry, i always liked him as a coach, i was never a bombers fan but i thought he did a good job?

I guess since the press brings it up, the rumor is now official, Calgary,

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/is-lyle-leaving-to-join-stampeders-70690087.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 90087.html[/url]

I don't think he was saying that Bauer was asked to fire Kelly'. . . if he was then yes I'd like to see a link as well. Rather, I think he was saying that the press asked Bauer what was going to happen, and Bauer said he wasn't going to fire the coach.

But that's just the way I'm reading it.

The Board of Directors has said they will be making decisions regarding the 2010 season. It sounds like they have little confidence in Bauer making future business decisions. The board has egg on their face because of Bauer. The firing of Doug Berry. The hiring of Mike Kelly. The disastrous season, Kelly's infighting with fans and press. Corporate sponsors are leaving in droves. fans backlash on the team. Also we should not forget that this BODs was lead down the road by a bankrupt Asper.
It was mentioned on the news that Hildahl and board members are in no mood to be concilatory.

No, no, look closely. "Hypotemuse" - it's a cross between "muse" and "hypothesis" - an inspired guess! Right, HfxTC? Can I use it?

That's what happens when you read stuff after midnight on a day when you didn't get much sleep. I misread it.

More rumours based on unnamed sources. There should be a law that journalists have to give information on how often their unnamed sources are correct because unnamed sources seem to be wrong a lot (all sports, not just football and not just the Bombers).