What happened?????

Ok this is probebly old news but i have been way up north for the past week and just heard Lumsden injured his shoulder again. Could someone tell me what happened and is it season ending? thanks

Look at the standings...the season has ended.

what i think they should do with jesse lumsden is start him but put him in a limited role next season like 10 spontaneious carries a game or something. another idea is put him at slotback, he has good hands, if you put him out there you could do screens with him alot and he would be facing corners and safetys out there because we all know he cant take hits from d-linemen and linebackers anymore. im sick and tired of this amazing running back playing one game and missing 2 after. if those dont work, trade him, im tired of hearing the same old story

Jesse was hurt in last weeks game with the EE. He got banged up on his third carry and hurt his left shoulder again. From what I've heard, it was a pulled/strained muscle as opposed to a tear, and he hoped to play this week against the Bombers, but couldn't.