What happened...?

Nothing against the Lions, they played well tonight... but I think Edmonton did most of the damage themselves, particularly on special teams.

What was up with Tristan Jackson? First he fumbled the ball... I couldn't believe that.

And then he went and did one of the dumbest things anyone could do... he tried to run a missed field goal (I believe that's what it was) from his own end zone.

Of course, he was hit hard and fumbled the ball.

Can't say anything bad about the offence. Ray lit it up (though he did have 3 picks). And the defence played decent... Well, as decent as you can when your special teams keeps putting the opposition in the red zone.

Thank God we have a bye so we can forget about this... :roll:

It's disheartening to lose like that Chief. Ray looked fantastic and I honestly thought that you guys were going to clean up on us.

It was a weird one - so many back to back turnovers. It was up for grabs and, unfortunately for you, time ran out with us in the lead.

I've been impressed with your team...remember, you did win the last one. Chin up - you guys will be just fine.

Well, I think what ticked me off most was Tristan trying to return the missed field goal.

He was looking great all season, and then he went and made a bonehead decision like that.

And of course it cost us, and I knew damn well it would.

In that situation, you take the knee, give up the single, and start on your own 35.

I agree. Special Teams for the Eskies looked more like Special Ed...

...which was Ed Jovanovski's nickname when he played here for the Canucks...I'll never forget when he said, "the trade from Florida to Vancouver turned my career around 360 degrees..."


Actually, his nickname was “Jovo”.

Usually in these situations debralynn, we scrape by in the second half because the first half effort was dominating all around. This time, special teams mucked it up in the first half. Then, for once we made a half-time adjustment on offense, but it was the WRONG adjustment. We go all deep balls in that third quarter. Merely the other end of the extreme from last year, where it was all short yardage all the time. The result... Ray gets picked off, and then we adjust back to the medium and short routes, BC's defense responded and put the pressure on Ray.

As is often the case, a football team not playing smart for a full sixty minutes. I don't fault the defense for not stopping Logan on those runs in the third; they were having to be out on the field longer and longer, they'd had a decent first half, considering that so many of BC's points came from miscues on the other 2/3 of the team that set them up in excellent field position each time. Add to that, not to make it an excusable reason, because its not, but we still aren't improving on the run defense consistently, the game at Commonwealth last week not withstanding.

The other thing that happened was that BC themselves played smart football in those first two quarters to take advantage of our turnovers and keep the score in their favour when our offense was fresh and hot. The Lions clearly also made the better adjustments in their secondary and in bringing Logan and the running game back while AJ Harris was invisible. The DBs played harder against our recievers, and BC's backs in general were in better position to nab any bad decisions from Ray.

*I opted not to watch most of the 4th quarter however, so this doesn't cover events in the last part of the game.

Congrats on the win, thanks for the consolation offering.

I was a little mystified at our lack of a running game last night, too. And you can't even say we gave up on it because we didn't even try to use it. We only had 10 rushing yards in the first half, and that number included the few from Ray.

For whatever reason, we went all pass last night.

Harris was invisble??? he was actually quite effective catching the ball as he had nearly 100 yrds receiving... he was just never utilized on the ground... we special teams were nothing short of appalling... I like Tristan a lot but his fumbles were inexcusable... overall, this game shows that we can throw the ball without Tucker... I was just amazed we were still in it after 7 turnovers...

Yeah thats gotta be a positive for sure. What team is still in a game after 7 turnovers? I am not too worried about this loss, I wasn't expecting a win in BC Place anyways. But it is pretty disapointing to lose in this manner.