What happened?

Looks like the inter-web gremlins attacked the site again. Can any admin/mod explain why most of the site is a week out-of-date?

They want to erase this past week so they can re-sign Jojuan Armour?? lol

OK, did somebody get Bob mad.

The schedule is being revised?

It's like deja vu all over again.

When I first connected and saw a picture of OB, I thought another big signing had been completed, only to be dissapointed.

Site also seems a little slow.

There is a whole week missing. Nothing posted on Feb 16,17,18,19,20,or 21st.

As Argotom posted on the main forum....The NFL has taken over! All CFL logos, soon to be replaced! :lol:

Are all those latest gems of wisdom lost forever?
It's like destroying a chapter in our lives.
Aren't the benefits of modern technology great?

My predictions:

I think the Eastern Labour day game will be scheduled late to accomodate TV, and a lot of Hamilton fans will be upset

Tom Canada will re-sign with Winnipeg.

Calgary will sign Armour

BC Will extend Joe Smiths Contract

Geez, I'll look like a genius when everything comes back! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ah. We signed Bradley. I knew we would. It’s just like in the movie Groundhog Day, I will predict that next we sign Miles!!! :wink:

LOL you guys are funny

The explanation from the "admins" is on the Main forum.

After the US shot down the spy satallite, it crashed into cfl.ca's computer. They have ordered a case of duct tape and are attempting to re-build! :lol: :lol:

we lost so much valuable information such as how jesse never made the nfl because of his skin colour

i take it because of this, the forums on the schedule have been erased?

The admins are trying to repair.

it's the cfl!

A) how many people actually look at the site
B) why would you target the cfl if you were a hacker
C) doesn't the league have enough money to support a website that doesn't crash?

I was up 4700 Posts closing in 5000 for this site. Now I have to Hope They backup the week.

D) Onknight posts too much!!!


Just to keep up to date was over on CFL Main Fourm:

[b]Just to notify everyone - we ran into some hard drive corruption on one of our Raid arrays and are currently attempting to re-build. We'd ask everyone here to be patient while we work.


Your friendly neighborhood sysadmi

They had Drive Fail by looks of it .

Hay Tiger dirt .. If you count all Versions Of Ticat.ca since bob Bought team I am over 10,000 Post

Okay then, the correct answer is D!

I blame Onknight. It was P5K that made this board go screwy. :lol: