What happened too.......

Does anyone know the real story of what happened to Don Sutherin?We had one of the best defences in the league when he was our D.C.
Than one day in the offseason I look in the spec and it says he is being releaved of his duties.I heard he had a fall out with Lancaster.
He made Montford into a star at D.E. if anyone remembers Montford was a linebacker when he came here.
It makes me wonder how a brilliant football mind can just leave football in a heart beat.
Im surprised no other teams tryed to sign him.
I always figured Lancaster was going to groom him into being a head coach after he retired.

Alot of people around here (not me), don't want to see guys like Sutherin and Lancaster in Hamilton. Members of the "old boys club" they say.

What do you mean guys like Sutherin?It's not like he was some fly by nite D.C.
He was one of the best.

Remember the '99 Grey Cup? The Ticat D pretty much shut down Calgary in the first half. Then, the Stamps came out on fire in the 2nd half, with Dickenson driving the length of the field for a TD on their first possession. You could literally feel the momentum shifting. However, instead of coming from behind to win the Grey Cup, the Stamps fizzled, and Dickenson could never really get them back in the game.

After the game, Rob Hitchcock was asked by a reporter to explain. He said that the Stamps' halftime adjustments had them baffled on that first drive. But, by the time they got to the sidelines, "Sudsy had already drawn up a new defensive package", which neutralized Calgary for the remainder of the contest.

I don't recall seeing a halftime coaching adjustment even close to that level of competence in the last 3 years. Sutherin's the best.

Sudsy was in the good books enough to be invited as a "guest coach" to training camp this year, so maybe someone will have the sense to bring him back permanently.

Guess you're right pope.

What ever happened to John Michaluk?