What happened too..............

What happenned to Mike Myers,he was kicking field goals for us for a few games last year.....
I believe that was his name,could be wrong...
I thought he was doing pretty good,than he hurt his hamstring,I believe.
I haven't heard his name since....
We are going to need a good kicker this year,I think Boreham is to inconnsistant.........
Championship teams have reliable kickers!!!!!!!

He was Released Same Time as Bobby Brooks
half way threw the Season.

I got to talk to him as he leaving.
great guy just could afford to keep him Around.

He is back in Florida as far as I know

we will some good kickers in to compete with Jamie and Pat

he was a great kicker.

I wont forget hes gamewinning FG vs Calgary last season.

Its a shame they cut him but I think he was injured.

& its Mark Myers.

Mike is From Scarborough, Ontario
Mark is From Florida
Mike is DR Evil
Mark is ??

Mike has Money
Mark not so much

This is the same guy who disclosed an injury until game time against Winnipeg in Winnipeg ... they had to fly Boreham out ... Lancaster doesn't put up with crap and the guy was cut ... end of story.

No sense "sugar coating" it.

he got hurt didnt he?