what happened to the white pants?

After Hamilton's loss to Montreal, I pointed out that the Tiger-Cats have NEVER won a regular season game in those horrible white pants.

I guess somebody is listening: note the black pants tonight.

Now, let me point out that the Tiger-Cats have a horrible record in black pants, and have never had a winning record in anything but gold pants.

Let's hope for a half-time change!

who cares

If all we are left to complain about is the pants they are wearing, the team MUST have really turned things around tonite.

The team has done this look in previous years during the season. I prefer it to the unitard.

Perhaps they could wear the white pants at home...just a superstitious thought. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

i propose a pep ralley/bonfire to get rid of the white pants permanently. white pants = loss. the white pants are discarded and look what happens....

And of course all the injuries the Bombers had has absolutly nothing to do with the result.

And the injuries we had last week had nothing to with last weeks result right??