What happened to the vintage jerseys?

On the Store section, in the past I noted (and actually got one, to be honest) the vintage 65 Tiger-Cat jerseys with the stripes down the sleeves. I don't see those now. Have they stopped making them?
I thought those would be a good think to give for someone I know.

Those Jerseys are the best. I bought myself 2 of them a few years back. We need to get our stripes back on the sleeves of next years jerseys and the vintage logo back on the helmet. Come on Mr Young, you can make it happen. Oh and don't forget the Tiger painted in the endzone like we use to have. :smiley:

If you've watched the Commish's State of the League press conference, he made a point of saying he wanted to see the teams expand on what Saskatchewan did this year with their vintage jerseys & helmets!

And BC has been equipped with 2 different helmet colours for a couple of years now; it can be done - I'm sure we could see our Cats back in retro gear soon... gold helmets included! Then you'll see some retro jerseys in-store!

I didn't really like those Ralph Edwards mock-ups. The phoney, aged numbers were kinda' goofy!

This is a great topic and I think it's finally time to get away from what I consider an embarrassing uniform we currently have and back in the direction of that classic traditional look that was truly one of the best in professional football in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Bring back the shiny gold pants and helmets and thanks to a cool website at http://www.thesportingstore.com/Football.htm where you can create your own design, I give you my rendition of the "Modern-Classic" Ticats jersey...


This is what I was thinkin':

[url=http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa39/ub40tc/?action=view&current=Tiger-Cats.jpg]http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa39 ... r-Cats.jpg[/url]