What happened to the topic about Terry Baker?

The whole thread disppeared as I was finishing my reply... How does full threads disappear?

Merged in to the BC trade story since someone was running two threads about Matt Kellett's eyesight.

Hmmm… It’d be great if you didn’t do that too often, because when we already are in the thread that disappear, we get a “The topic you are attempting to reply to doesn’t exists” when we click submit. And hitting the back button doesn’t bring your text back. You get an error message of some kind.

So I just lost my reply. This one wasn’t very long, but had it happened with a longer one, like the one I posted following the Ottawa/Montreal game (which took me about 35 minutes to write), I would have been really pissed.

Beside, merging isn’t really necessary since mirror topics rarely survive altogether. People just fill in one and let the other die.

The pages are just growing and growing - needed to do a little cleanup, tis all. Will be careful in future.


Yeah, I was shocked that my topic about Terry Baker disappeared and merged into the Rens/BC Lions big trade.
So, I can see someone purposely sabotaging future threads in the future, which is unfortunate.

Now I see what happened
Maybe if they need to save space they can just remove anything after say 5 pages. I dont think anyone goes that far back anyways.
With the season about to start the pages will stock up pretty fast

It's all a conspiracy ro1313. :twisted: