what happened to the tiger store at Limeridge mall?

I went to Limeridge mall today for the first time since Christmas and I couldn't find the store, does anyone know what happened to it?

from the ticats.ca website:
At this point in time, please note that our TigerTown Sports location at Lime Ridge Mall is no longer open for business. We are currently investigating other potential store fronts in the Hamilton Mountain region.

this is news to me as I was in the store not that long ago.
a shame as it is in fairly close proximity to where I live. Hopefully the new location will not be far.

Rents at Limeridge are going thru the roof. Ticat store wont be alone.

thanks I didn't read that. Limeridge mall is close to me and convenient, but I guess the rent was too high.

rent vs. gross sales must not have been acceptable. onward and upward!

Maybe Stone Road Mall in Guelph?

I like going to Jarvis street. You never know who you're going to bump into.

off the top of my head I've bumped into Obie, Jim Daley, Chris Williams, Dave Stala, Bob Young, Markeith Knowlton,

It's official: you are a great bumper! :lol: