What happened to the thread

By Chugg about the town hall meeting with the comish?

Was it Kavis`phone number he posted? :slight_smile:

No it was the Als ticket office

Censorship, not cool. One of the mods or Sully should at least explain.

The Als handpicking the fans they invite to the town hall. They are probably terrified angry fans are going to crash their little fake love-in.

I am told it was Chugg who deleted it

Then why do it in the first place?

I will be there

Never saw it; no idea what the thread was about.

I asked Red to check the log

The original poster deleted it which was surprising because we both though that it could not be done by the OPonce another post was made. Which is why I though a mod deleted it

It was simply a thread mentioning that the commish will be having a town hall meeting with Als fans....

I've just modified the board settings so members can't delete their own threads. Should be rare enough that this isn't a concern, but taking a whole bunch of other people's posts with you if you decide posting was a mistake kind of bites.

I suggest you go back to the old way where you cannot delete once a new post has been made

Many times posters create a thread then see one already exists. There is no harm in allowing them to delete it