What happened to the SMS audit report ?

Teams were given SMS audit reports a couple weeks ago. Still no public information from the league. I Swear the CFL is run like the Mob :lol:

Cool. Do you think if I tell people I’m a Moderator for the Mob they’ll treat me with more respect?

It wasn’t 2 weeks ago, it was on the 31st and were given 1 week waiting period for reviews and appeals, then it was going to the media…that puts that “to the media” date on this last Friday, meaning the media will likely get a report today (first business day since the waiting period ended). Now if there is some major appeal perhaps it will take a bit longer.

Introducing the CFL Board of Directors............. 8) :cowboy:

I recognize Wally on the left but who are the others ? :smiley:

We shall see.

If they meant 7 business days it would be a couple more days I suppose...this would be day 6

......Yep ...it looks like the cannoli king back in the day when he was an Alouette :stuck_out_tongue: ...The other good fellas are serving time in some other occupation....namely making little ones out of big ones......I just hope they weren't involved in the auditing :smiley:

But the league is not public and seven of the teams are privately owned. Why would we need to know about details about an SMS audit? The CFL has announced in the past if a team exceeded the SMS and that they were fined, what more do you want to know about an audit?

Nothing more mikem

yup...off-season hijinx and a point of interest for sure this year as we know there were a couple teams pretty tight on it.

I also wonder if they would hold off announcing anything until potential appeal processes are complete. For example, there has been a rumor that the Als will likely go over (I believe it was Herb who originally tabled that)...what if they are say nickle and dime around a tier and feel that they have a valid appeal to draw themselves under...probably something that could prolong an announcement date dependent on how long it takes to process.

When the Riders were over the cap in the 2013 season(+$17.9K), it was announced on April 23rd 2014

When the TiCats were over the Cap in the 2014 season(+$8.9K), it was announced on April 13th 2015

Probably will big TIME. If you say your a reporter most will have that edged in stone. HOWEVER 50% of news is jack up for sales and $$$$$$$. Get back to the future??

May ???? :smiley:

Perhaps this was the final sour quart of milk that sealed Joffrey Orridge's fate?

But like most things "sealed" we'll never find out!

I'm sure Joffrey signed a beaut of a non-disclosure after being told that's the only way he'd be getting his money for this year! :cowboy:

…A lot of people wondering why the audit hasn’t been released yet…I’d say a team or teams are holding things up because they are not in agreement with the findings??? Every team has the right to challenge the audit …The longer it drags out the more that seems to be the case…Someone might have to audit the audit :smiley:

Maybe its a "Perpetual Audit", like Trump's? :cowboy:

Some minor fines, but no team over the cap:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2017/04/28/riders-lions-issued-fines-violating-cfl-laws/]http://www.cfl.ca/2017/04/28/riders-lio ... -cfl-laws/[/url]

The League has confirmed that all CFL teams were under the cap, in 2016.

The League fined Chris Jones, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the BC Lions for violating CFL By-Laws. Jones was fined $5,000, the Roughriders $31,500 and the BC Lions $2,500.

To all the Media members and fans on this site that have been writing/kept insisting,since March 2016 that the Als were exceeding/over the cap, may I remind you that the Als were within the 2016 cap.


Here is the statement from the Riders