What happened to the Ricky Williams hype?

For something that really dominated the sports and football news, it really has quieted down rather quickly.

His first regular season game is coming up and I expected some of the hype to return in anticipation, but nothing.

Is this a testament to his character and desire to be just another player on the team? Becuase this is exactly what seems to be happening?

I like the guy and look forward to see him playing. it's just too bad he's an Argo.

I bet his terrible performance in the pre season has TONS to do with it. John Avery has clearly been the best RB for the Argo's with Jeff Johnson a close second

I totally agree, based on performance alone Avery was far better than Williams. However, is that due to the fact that he is a CFL veteran and knows the Argo offense better as well as how to utilize the CFL rules, or is it just the Ricky is overhyped and not that great?

Personally, I think Ricky will be a force later in the season when (or if) he finally tunes himself into the canadian game. The attitude that I have seen from him in interviews seems to show little urgency towards getting things in gear right away. To me it seems that he is almost complacent believing that everything will pan out. I dont think that he is a superior talent to the existing CFL tailbacks, and only time will tell how it all ends up. I think its a big risk however, because of the resume that he brings to the team, people are expecting him to be the CFL rushing leader, and anything less could be seen as a failure. Any way that you look at it, its all going to just get more interesting from here on in.

I have to agree with the previous posters. I also would like to add that if this guy breaks thru the O-line and gets to the outside...that is when you will see the real Ricky.

For the first 2 preseason games the hype was just too much. Lets face facts...the "D" will sure be keeping an eye on him!

I too wish the guy well, but not at the expense of the Ticats....lol.

Of course, Ricky was just at the early training camp stage of fitness and workouts and such, based on the NFL's starting so much later than the CFL. I'm just hoping he doesn't really figure out how this game works until we've got the cup back in steeltown.

Far better?

I'm not so sure.

Yes, Avery was better in game one but neither player played a significant amount of time.

Game two, Ricky had 11 rushes for 46 yards for just over a 4 year average, which is good.

He blocked well in both games too.

I think the Argos' staff played their cards close to their chest. They were lying low.

This Saturday should be a very good game.

The stats are misleading, we did stack the box and overcommit to the run when Ricky was in there, I expect Toronto to counter that and use a ton of playaction, and crossing routes against us. If we stack the box again the game may get out of hand early, also if the score is close going into the fourth Ricky may just go off on us as the defence will not be so geared up and enthusiastic about tackling him then as they were in the preseason.

im glad the ricky news has died down. I wanna hear CFL talk not ricky talk

Hype gone?
I guess that's what happens when you see a dolphin flopping around on a boat! :lol:

:lol: :lol: :thup:

Wont Greenpeace have something to say about this?

I know Ricky still needs to learn the Canadian style of Football however that being said he wasn't that impressive in those games as a result of not knowing the game. I think will get better but he won't be super super great

The last I heard, Ricky Williams was going to break every run for a touchdown because once he got past the defensive line, the small, weak-armed linebackers and defensive backs in the bush-league CFL wouldn’t be able to bring the powerful running back down. Gotta love all the idiots who buy into the NFL hype!!!

It boils down to the fact that it's a different brand of football that does not lead to automatic, clear-cut pronouncements.

The history of big time American running backs coming from the Heisman heights of NCAA or the NFL to tear up the CFL is a fairly thin volume. Edited by Anthony Davis and Terry Metcalf, you can find it wherever fine "Argos Win The Grey Cup in June" books are sold. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Is nobody else offended by the fact that the "CBC" is treating the CFL like a second rate league.. JUST because RIcky Williams was in the "NFL" he supposed to be this great machine that is going to roll over the entire CFL league and THEY are going to be the network to bring us the exclusive. GIVE ME A BREAK CBC. the BEST thing the CBC could do is not bother showing Ricky "54 yards" Williams once during their telecast.

I wish I was as confident as you guys that we've seen the best that RW has to offer in two meaningless pre-season games. Maybe you're right, but I'm betting that some unlucky team, sometime in the next few weeks, is going to see that, differences between the games aside, he's one heck of a running back. Just hope it takes him one more week to adjust.

I have no doubt that he's going to improve. I think sec8 makes a very good point. I can laugh at the fact that his QB rushed for more yards than he did, but the reality is that he's going to find his rhythm. That being said, i don't think he's going to tear up the field like everyone has said he will. I think he'll be a solid running back, no Corey Holmes, but a decent RB. :wink:

I agree with borehamgirl. Ricky Williams will gain his fair share of rushing yardage this year.

After the first pre-season game, Argo head coach Pinball Clemons said that he might give Williams increased numbers of carries in the third and fourth quarters of regular season games to utilize his speed and strength when the opposing defences are tired. Clemons clearly expects Williams to rack up some impressive yardage this year.

A very good ballplayer yes.
Going to rip up the cfl. I THINK NOT

Sorry, but I couldn't resist.

We need to replace our D coordinator with Suthrin and quick.

ha to all the fans that laughed at ricky williams... i guess he got the last laugh today.

of course he didn't tear up the field but he did better than any ticat player.