What happened to the big reveal for the new uniforms?

The new uniform designs were supposed to be released to the public on May 15, but I don’t see anything on the CFL (or TSN) site. There was a teaser released last week, but don’t see that anywhere either. I understand that the new CBA agreement was the big news on May 15, but that shouldn’t have stopped the reveal (maybe postpone it for the next day).
Did I miss something or did this just disappear?

I am guessing that after the CBA is ratified that they will announce the uniforms.

Without the name plate on the back, my high school jersey looked nicer. Love the colours but kind of bland.

I can understand them postponing the release because of the announcement of the CBA deal getting done, but doesn’t make any sense to wait until it’s ratified. The uniforms have already been designed and have no connection whatsoever to the CBA. Just release the pics already! Most of the sneak peaks looked like minor changes with most team’s unis, Montreal being the exception (which we’ve already seen).

It does feel lacking without stripes or an Argos logo or something/anything on the sleeves.

The new Als jersey looks good to me, though:

I find the price of $184 too much for the jersey with a players name . The players come and go so fast surely they can make the price point lucrative enough and still make it more economical to purchase one .

I do think the contrasting blues make the jersey pop . Big jump to no stripes but sometimes less is more .


Montreals is only 159 a significant difference .

Maybe the delay is due to the CBA not being ratified yet.

Perhaps the reveal has players as part of the reveal and requires the CBA partnership to be signed?

I really like Toronto’s new jerseys. Especially once you see the game jersey with the rest of the kit, theyre going to look slick but classic.
Less is more

I still think an Argo logo would look nice on the sleeve, but you may well be right in that it’ll look good when complete . . . I just hope they haven’t left the sleeves empty for corporate sponsorship logos.

I thought only a couple teams were getting new looks and the rest were getting rolled out in 2020

Montreal was supposed to be this year, the rest of the league next year but that appears to have changed at least in part.

IMO, the league has kind of effed this thing up. Maybe the CBA negs got in the way(?), but Toronto and Montreal have revealed theirs, but none of the other clubs have. It’s a bit of a cluster****.

They’ve teased this thing out too long, so it’s going to be rather anticlimactic when they do. Hard to stay excited about something that’s been promised for too long.

This league just can’t seem to wrap its head around marketing opportunities. ::slight_smile:

CBA’s been ratified and still nothing. If their going to do something, they have to do it quick (today or tomorrow) as the first pre-season game is this Sunday.

Improvement in BC’s look especially with the helmets . Looks more like their traditional set up .

The light blue for the Argos with the numbers looks sharp .

Montreal went hard core different with their look . Need to see them when playing on TV or in person to better judge the look .

Nothing really different for anyone else from what I see except the Stamps staying with just a red helmet . Would love to see their accent colour a nice grey instead of black and see what it would look like .

Was that an actor or an actual player in the ad.
Probably actor seeing that he was wearing all the uniforms.

Cool ad, but I wish they could have incorporated it with current players.