What happened to: "Support the home team"?

The forum is getting way to negative. The Cats played a good game against the best team in the league and nearly pulled it out.

Yet when you read this forum it's hard to find many positive comments. It's all: fire the kicker, fire the OC, why didn't Holmes....., where's my water bottle, the Defence lost it for us, the Offence lost if for us, the Owner charges too much for tickets........


What happened to cheer for the home team? So this is for the Caretaker and the Front Office:
-Love my seats (season tickets). Will be back next year whether we win or lose.
-Lancaster is doing some great "tweaking" with the team
-Pao Pao up in the booth is doing much better
-Cheerleaders are great
-Home games are always a highlight of my week
-Whenever I've called the Front Office for help they've always been fabulous
-Did I mention the cheerleaders?
-Keep up the good work!


Right on davwhi, couldn't have said it better.
This team will make a run with the Bombers for a playoff spot - and you can quote me on this!! We don't have to play the Als again this season, this is a huge plus and we looked pretty darn good agains't them.

Good call pal but im wondering....
what happened to freedom of post?

Hamilton is a tough town to play football .(to say the least ,and quote Mass)

Good Lancaster is trying to have fun with it ,less stress is good for me too.

Cheered loud and jumped around tonight.

Man ,do you believe the Bombers??


1 win 5 losses :thdn:

The last two games showed a team that is playing together and playing for the right coach .GET ON THE BAND WAGON FOLKS WE ARE IN FOR A GOOD RUN FROM HERE THE THE PLAYOFFS. :cowboy:

You've got to love people who cut & paste to re-arrange the original message so that the context and meaning are changed.

But, it did take 2 hrs and 9 minutes before a complainer posted.
So, maybe things are starting to get better.

But, it did take 2 hrs and 9 minutes before a complainer posted. So, maybe things are starting to get better.
Now THAT's FUNNY!!!!!! :lol:

First line- opening statement, last line- summation , I believe that everbody did not require to reread the entire post, nor was there any so called rearranging. Statement of win-loss record = complainer. Cheerleaders twice as positives? I do not think that a summation of Keep up the good work is relevant, nor do I agree that the front office is great and I have cancelled my tradition club season tickets prior to this season due to front office issues. The Als have only defeated 2 teams this year, and would state that 5 other clubs can dispute the claim that the Als are the best team.
I am happy for you that losing is acceptable. It just does not cut it for me.

Well myfairsuperdog if "it doesn't cut it for you," there are eight other teams you can cheer for. The boys played hard, have shown serious progress and are clearly on the move. How far we go this year remains to be seen, but I for one was very pleased with the team effort last night.

why do people like you even post? we already know there record. and if you really think there record says how good they are you havent been watching the games. we played good the last few games. last night we had a couple of things that blew it for us bet if you dont think we are getting better i dono thats just pretty funny.

Being a TiCat fan is a blast.


I don’t think that losing is acceptable to anyone, but a true fan will support the team win or lose and not just when they have a winning record. Even though I currently reside in Calgary and the team is 1-5, I still had my Cats jersey on today because I am a REAL fan. Rather than take heat from the locals, I had people all day saying how good we looked and how we will be a very dangerous team in the coming weeks. This team is steadily improving and it’s only a matter of time before the wins start to add up. I hope that “mayfairsuperdog” doesn’t get hurt trying to jump back on the bandwagon in a few weeks.

I am sitting here in my ticat shirt, after taking razzing all day from customers coming into the store because of the shirt. I have missed 2 games in 27 years. How many games did you sit through live in the 1-17 season? I ached through 12. Good effort last night-yes. A loss is a loss. It's pro sports people, winning is important.

Sadly, I was only able to attend 8 games during the "dark" season and I'm definitely going through withdrawl being in Calgary this year. I was, however, at the Hamilton/Calgary game at McMahon Stadium and plan to fly back home for the labour day game. That being said, supporting your team is not necessarily about how many games you attend, it's about standing by your team regardless of their record. If you're this pessamistic 6 games into a promising season, I would hate to hear what you were saying last year. I will say, that your incredible attendance record (missing only 2 games in 27 years) is awesome and I'm sure the team appreciates your financial support. Don't throw in the towel just yet, this team will be in the playoffs this year.