What happened to Sandro Sciortino??

Just want to know what happened to Sandro?? Did he get cut, quit. Thought he was an average kicker at Boston College a litttle inconsistent.

He retired just before training camp started. Too bad though, he could have been a good one.

He started to come into his own his senior year. He always hit the game winners. Missed him this pass season.

Better question - Who cares???

That guy missed everything

Sorry, I’am a Boston College fan and like to see the alumni succeed. You will start caring when the Gades are in a position to win the game and need a clutch field goal. Don’t underestimate kicking. Oh i love Vinatieri, we got three rings cause of him.

He did make a couple of clutch field goals last year, and can you blame him for his inaccuracy last season, he had a lot of on his mind with the cancer that he had. He had the makings to be a good one, he has a very strong leg. I hope he decides to come back.