What happened to Sadeghian?

Did somebody, working on the roster list, hit the delete key by mistake, or has something not been announced?
Sometime during the past 24 hours, Andre's name has disappeared:

30 Douglas, Derek DB Import 6.00 185 1985-08-22 Tuskegee
31 Bradley, Jykine DB Import 5.09 188 1980-06-05 Middle Tennessee State
32 Fluellen, Jhamal RB Import 5.09 186 1985-03-13 Maine
34 Hinds, Ryan DB Non-Import 6.01 198 1983-06-19 New Hampshire

If he hasn't been released he might be soon.He's very quickly slid down the depth chart and there's no point in keeping a 7th string FB.

Just found this info on the Scratching Post blog:

"The Cats are expected to announce some final roster moves afternoon and among them will be the release of fullback Andre Sadgehian."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/06/roster-moves-and-training-camp.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... -camp.html[/url]

i can see that we got the depth there but im cocncerned about rb i believe we got cobb and ??????? no other vets?

The CFL Rookie they brought in are Good players Brian Calhoon played for lions in the NFL
I expect him to pick things up quickly
No other Spot can you go from not knowing the CFL to being an Impact player quicker then Running back
Cobb is the Perfect Example of this
From 4 String at Camp last year to a starter by Game 2 and Great rookie season
so I am not worried..

goood thoughts but these nfl has beens scare me sometimes there heads to big for there own good

Not Brian he a Very Humble kid aleast he was what I met him at Lions Camp Two seasons ago

Drew Edwards reports that Andre Sadeghian will be signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.


Be prepared for the
"we're going to the grey cup!! That moron Obie released the greatest FB in CFL history, Mack is a damn genius for picking this guy up!I can't wait to watch this guy wipe the floor with the Ticats as we sweep the with ease on route to our 16-2 season.Those losses by the way are because we didn't want to win those or we would've."

I would think that any bomber fan that feels a practice roster/backup fullback is going to turn them around is probably too dumb to even use a computer. :slight_smile:

You have obviously never visited "Spin-Town," also known as the Bomber forum.