What happened to RB Ross Scheurman

Hey I was just curious whatever happened to Ross Scheurman? I see him on instagram and twitter and when i google his name it says he's part of the Hamilton Tiger Cats so why don't we bring him back into training camp and give him another shot. I like Alex Green and I hear good things about Mercer Timmis and Storm Johnson but I do recall Ross Scheurmann eating up the yards in the backfield when CJ Gable was not playing. I really liked the kid and I think having a two back system at times would be great.

I love the passing game don't get me wrong but it would be nice to mix it up at times and have two backs in the backfield since we don't have a fullback on this team.

I, too, liked Scheuerman. He was among 4 players who finished '17 on the PR and were not re-signed. The others were LB Kavell Connor, OL Lamar Holmes and DB Osagie Odiase.