What happened to Primus Sponsorship?

I was at practice yesterday and notice that instead of the Primus Sponsorship patch there was a Scotiabank patch in its place! Are they just for Camp? I personally thinks it looks better, does not make me want to open a bank account thow! :lol: They still have the Romo patch! :rockin:

Romo is a Ti-Cat team sponsor? :wink: Damn, Jerry Jones must be paying him nice coin.

You were at IWS? Practice was at McMaster, I thought.

At IWS, they blacked out the usual sponsors (like Primus) for the eastern semi-final and put in Scotiabank logos, because the league took over the playoff games, and Scotiabank was the league's sponsor for the playoffs.

That might explain the confusion.


I think he meant the patch on the jerseys.

yes i meant the patch on there jerseys. I mispelled Roma also its not Romo

Or is it Rona? :wink:

Primus remains a great partner of the team as the presenting sponsor of the Tiger-Cats.

A Scotiabank patch will be featured on the team's practice jerseys throughout the season.

Thanks Scott, see you learn something everyday! Thanks also Earl for my Typo again. LOL They need spell cechk on here! LOL
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

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No prob Bruce, hey, I make typos all the time around here, most of us do.

They sure do, :lol: