What happened to Popp's column on Als site? LOL

Anyone else notice Popp's question and answer question has completely dissapeared from the Als site? :roll: :lol:

probably because he is getting questions that he himself doesnt have an answer for like “when are we getting a real coach” or "why wont you give AC playcalling back or “did you know that a ball can be thrown for more than 7 yards”

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Here is the column. The link to ask a question is on the bottom of the page!

Comments about Jim Popp are becoming quite tiresome. For what this man has done for the Als over the years, I believe he should be given the chance to coach if that's what he wants. I don't mean 5 or 6 games but a full season. I think some are taking their cue from Jack Todd of The Gazette who started criticizing during training camp.
By the way, this team has shown steady improvement and I believe they will again be a force in this league.

He is an excellent GM, scout and talent evaluator but not a coach. I was opposed to this idea way before the newspapers made it cool not ot want him to be a coach. Even if he is an alright coach he has so much on his plate he hsould focus on what he is best at and leave the coaching to someone with much more experience in that field that isnt bellefieulle

I’m with mada on this one.

As a talent evaluator, there’s no one better in the CFL, with the possible exception of Wally in BC.

Latest great move…releasing Truluck (who had exactly ZERO sacks on the worst sack team in the league at that point), and replacing him with Bowman (who promptly went out and got 2 sacks in his first game).

As a coach? Let’s see…

Blew the penalty call in the last game; we should have taken first and goal on the 2 instead of second and goal on the 1. No=brainer.

No halftime adjustments; we score early, but we are losing in the second half each game.

Does not control the bench.

Did not even consider hiring anyone else. No due diligence.

Hired the wrong guy for offensive coordinator.

Hired the wrong guy for head coach (himself). Take Popp’s COACHING (not GM) resume, put a different name on it, say John Doe, and would ANY Gm in the CFL hire said John Doe as head coach? NOT A CHANCE.

Exactly. He hijacked the head coaching position.
He said himself it was on him, so at this point he might as well finish the season. Then the few fans he has won't be able to say he didn't get a fair shot. Plus its not like he inheritated the Ticats...Als are 5-11 in the last 16 games.

He has not found a running back for this team
He has not found a middle linebacker for this team.
He has not found a replacement for Copeland who's been gone what 3 years now. Yeah Copeland was brought over by Barker.

I'm starting to think Popp's been getting credit for a lot of other people's work...

Even Matt Dunigan would have been a better choice as a coach...sigh

Popp as GM? Great. Popp as coach? Hell no. Like mada7, I've been opposed to Popp as coach since it happened and I'm not jumping on any bandwagon. We'll see how this season shakes out, but I'm not optimistic.