What happened to Plan A ?

Wasn't the plan (A) for the new look offence to become more mobile, establish the running game early and keep the opposition guessing by mixing it up with running and passing plays ? The only reason the Als got into the playoffs last year was the heroic effort of Edwards in the Toronto games last year...when after 8 losses ( i.e. banging their heads against the wall with the over used passing game ), they finally decided they would have to earn their way into the playoffs by grinding it out on the ground...and this worked.

Now we are seeing AC falling back into his familiar pattern behind a weakened O line. Answer : use some creative running plays & draws to keep the opposition off balance. Establish the ground game and if it fails to gel early...then keep doing it until you get it right and don't be afraid to send in plays from the bench. This is the path to the promised land. Let's see some more Edwards , Vilimek and Imoh ( please don't let him recieve kicks anymore , he seems to lose more yards than he gains!)

Last thought for Popp: If AC can't score in the first half...REPLACE HIM ! Let's stop pretending he's a saint or untouchable ! He's a good passer but if he can't score a touchdown passing in over 2 games... then he needs some benchtime. Give Brady a chance.

we need to start running if we want to win some game. i watch a lot of game in the CFL(not only the Als) and almost every team runs 40-50% of the time. we are the only team depending so much on passing(west coast offense). before we can't start passing, we need to establish a solid running game and we've got all the weapons(I chose the word weapon more than tool...) to do so. :twisted:

Once we get a running game and an effective O-Line, then we can see what Calvillo has left. but 'til then, let's stop blaming calvillo for everything(BTW, it's not going good with hamilton and Maas(they're thinking about putting Chang in his place), I'd like to see Mass in montreal...

PS: if see see one more reverse trick play that ends with a fumble in the backfiel, I'm gonna scream. it works once in pre-season and it failed twice in regular season... this works when you'Re a winning team and you are leading the game by a lot...

haha i agree with MMQB on AC being pulled. PLEASE play Brady if AC is terrible. PLease!

give the ball to the back ..we have one of the best running back(Edwards)in the league.....

Don't you read Popp's words. We are supposed to sit there and remember Calvillo's fine past performances and enjoy the fact that he once may have been good. Read his stuff- it will make you sick

It made me sick all right...Popp does not have the knowledge and experience to coach a pro ball team.

That Oline is not athletic and will never provide the Als with a good passing game.

I may be the first to write it. This team is broken and its Popp and Wettenhaul's fault. He's had 7 years to build himself a QB and has never done it.

Popp knows the Oline can't be fixed. Its the one position with maybe the secondary that no amount of talent can fix. Its about chemistry and time working as a unit. The Als are in a shitt y spot. Oline is broken and Calvillo can't help but sit back there like McManus in his last years. The only guy I can think that could be a quick fix is KC Printers if he became available. Popp would be wise to throw a truck of money at the guy if he became available.

This team went from Matthews, Berry and Strasser to

Popp, Bellefeuille and some no experience QB coach, what a mess...Its a good thing the Ticats can't win a game.

I'm still Confident the Als can turn this around. 89% of the season still has to be played.

I said it before, but Danny Mac made an excellent point, in the game against Winnipeg.

"The fans in Montreal are spoiled". It's true. The Alouettes always got off to a 8-0 start. Then they'd lose 5 of their last 7 games. Now the Als start off 0-2, and everyone is jumping off the bandwagon.

Popp did an excellent job of putting a quality football product on the field. He knows talent and knows what it takes to play at this level.

This team is STACKED. They SHOULD be at least 1-1 right now. Give it some time. If we lose to Hamilton, then we should start worrying lol :wink: :lol: